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  • Oh, all's well, thank you! Most of my friends that I enjoyed going with have long since left town and it's just not the same. Not sad or anything, just lack the motivation to go anymore lol.
    I just visitor messaged to say I looooooooove you. I just visitor messaged to show how much I care. I just visitor messaged to say I looooooooooove you, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart. (I totally sang this out loud while I typed it)
    No, sure didn't :( Wasn't feeling up to it this year. Did you make it out?
    Definitely interested! Even though the movie sucked, I thought the story was going in an interesting direction. Do you and Z read/listen to all these?
    Loved the dark materials series but never heard of the other one...totes gonna look it up <3
    You can't just retroactively add rules like that several days, if not a week down the line. That shit's not fair :p
    oh i thought you knew and were concerned, pretty major shooting over here on her block, less than a mile from where i live
    yep, really close to my sis in law but we are ok. miss gaming with you guys. how is little zoe?
    You make us all happier than a two-petered puppy standing knee deep in a puddle of warm water, because you're so awesome.
    UHm.. so was I not supposed to alter the text? I kinda altered the text...
    I am? I mean... I am! Of course I am! (I don't know if I missed something but I'll take it! :p)
    Whoa... That's pretty awesome! I'm not sure if I should be flattered or running away scared! :-D
    if you are here for the you are more awesome the rule is...its like tag must post on someone elses wall...because it is more awesome when more people are involved
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