The Rules of The U: Know 'em, Love 'em, Follow 'em.

First off, consider ALWAYS The Mantra of The U: Respect and personal responsibility are our watchwords. Remember that folks here are people just like you, and they don’t want to deal with stupidity, rudeness or attitude any more than you do. Respect your fellow members, your leadership, and the feelings of the people we game with – Uey or not. And take personal responsibility at all times: run your own events, settle your own problems, and take initiative to help us help you have a good time in The U.

And now...

The Ten Commandments of The U
1. Thou Shalt Not Cheat In Thy Games
2. Thou Shalt Hold No Grudge Against Thy Fellow U
3. Thou Shalt Take Thy Arguments To Private Message
4. Thou Shalt Not Speak Aloud The Profane Words: Cunt, Fag, Nigger
5. Thou Shalt Not Make Us Look Bad in Public
6. Thou Shalt Not Ask For That Which Thee Will Not Lead
7. Thou Shalt Not Sell Items In Game To Thy Fellow Guildies
8. Thou Shalt Label Thy Smut NSFW And Use [Spoiler] Tags On The Holy Forums
9. Thou Shalt Not Host Porn Directly On The Holy Forums
10. Thou Shalt Not Advertise Pay Services On The Holy Forums

The first two are “The Dirty Duo”. Breaking these rules is an easy way to get kicked from Unrepentant. No hacking, botting, using power-leveling services or real money trading in games where it is not allowed. And while we understand that a little argument is good for the soul, holding onto the anger and letting it color your interactions with others for weeks or months is not acceptable. You don't have to like everyone here, but you do have to play together, so when you log into our games or forums, you put your U face on and treat everyone like a friend.

The next two rules are “general conduct rules” that apply everywhere you go. When in a discussion/disagreement you go from making a point to addressing someone specifically, take it to PMs. No one else needs to hear your beef with someone. And you know there are words which are disrespectful at any time. So don’t use ‘em.

The three after that pertain to in-game conduct. Don’t spam general/trade/public chat or gaming forums with stupidity or profanity, and don’t exploit, grief or anything else which will give our guilds a bad reputation. Don’t ask or expect others to run events for you; step up, or step off. And if you have a sweet item on your hands, you’re welcome to give away your goodies to Ueys, but you don’t charge for it. (If you’re a crafter you can recoup material costs.)

The last three pertain to forum use. If you’re linking to NSFW content, say as such in your post, and always wrap such images in [spoil] tags. (Since you can’t do this with avatars, you’re expected to never use NSFW images as avatars.) On the subject of porn if you really need to post a dirty image then host it offsite and link it here. And lastly, don’t advertise pay services, even if they’re yours.
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