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  • Happy birthday, Gunnr! I hope you've had a great day, and aren't going too crazy with the lockdown :icon_mrgreen:
    Gunnr! Hey Gunnr! Happy birthday yesterday! I hope it was slamming a Mt. Dew and jumping over a train on a skateboard good!
    Pretty sure it's you who is in the danger zone, turbo. Nice to hear from you. I hope you're doing well and winning all the resources for the humans, like the rockstar you are!
    Howdy, turd wrangler. Just wanted to stop by and say, "Howdy, turd wrangler."
    that is so sweet. whenever you say his name i always think of my best friend growing up. his name was todd and he was the best. he had an imagination that wouldnt quit and he introduced me to the evils of Q-bert and Burger Time. we only had an atari at my house..his family was high class with their intelivision. last i heard he lives in SF and is a ballet dancer and is not the same todd. you can tell your fella that i think alcatraz is amazing and i think zoe is going to get to go in july. she will love it. i think she will especially like that it was a civil war bunker. she collects wwII memorabilia.
    I know I said it last night, but Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day! :D
    Also, the site appears to be wrong. You should really get that 34 corrected to 24.
    you made my day missy are NOT EW!. when i was a kid i called my mom every day after school to tell her i was home. often i would sing that song to her when she answered. we had a falling out and did not talk for almost 14 years and this christmas, she found me and now we talk...on easter i called and zoe and i sang that on her answering machine. love you bunches
    zoe is reading the harry potter series right now. she just finished book one. i have either read or listened to the rest. i went through a phase at work where all i did was listen to books. YA is a good genre for me...i have a really difficult time reading these days but i still like to do it and so often i can watch a movie with a YA book, which helps make it stick
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