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  • you are more awesome than the stranger ahead of you in line paying for your starbucks
    That is really awesome! Yay for technology and accommodations for parents!
    Hi there. It has been a while. Hope you are doing well. I have had a lot going on. I haven't been able to enjoy my gaming as much as I use to lately. I moved to Kentucky. I will be here about another year. My dad past away. Been having to deal with his estate. Been to countless weddings. And traveled to see a few friends. How have things been going on your end?
    I love that book. No way I could ever read it better than Samuel L. Jackson, though. A true classic
    I was so drunk I caused other people to forget? Not going to lie, I'm going to abuse that kind of power. Welven Harris does the Deez Nutz vines, if I remember correctly what we talked about :D
    Auntie Gunnr is proud of little Zoe-bell, queen of civil rights. If she needs a toy hookup, you know who to holla at <3
    I was playing FFXIV, but I haven't been playing much of that lately either. Lots of indie games- they're short so I don't usually need a great attention span. I didn't realize you were from there! I'm in Martinez! I don't blame you for avoiding the prices, when I lived east, I used to pay half what I do now and I had a two bedroom apt inside a country club vs my teeny one bedroom I have currently. How's lil' Zoe-boo??
    Working and struggling with a crippling YouTube addiction. I can't quit it! What's shakin, bacon? Anything new and exciting? You should move to NorCal so we can dominate with our Twinzie powers combined!
    Merry Christmas, Lawlesslovebug! I hope you and your little bit have the best holiday yet :)
    Your whitelisted now, so get on the vanilla server and explore. The village we made at spawn will run you through the basics. Let me know when you want to craft and I'll join you there.
    yea = switched sites, regular high school - teaching a couple of science classes/1 math/2 study skills -- getting the hang of it though! realized at 8:30 that I missed cards. I will try next week to be there!(doh...posted to my own board....)
    I have been super busy getting in the flow with the new high school - I think it is finally starting to gel -- miss you!!
    That is sweet! The ferris wheel is about 150-200 Elder gems (I think) from the Elder gem merchant in Thyad, so it's not to hard to get. Your place is going to be an amusement park in no time.
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