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  • i have been working the last couple of saturdays myself...maybe i will be able to make it this weekend. congrats on the new school, i bet the sweathogs will miss you though, mizzuz car-tare
    yea = switched sites, regular high school - teaching a couple of science classes/1 math/2 study skills -- getting the hang of it though! realized at 8:30 that I missed cards. I will try next week to be there!
    Not too bad. I'm moved, recovered, and generally doing ok.

    Except that I haven't noticed my notifications here at the Uey site.. :-$
    I'm closer to the bay, Concord/Pleasant Hill although I just found out today that I'll be working in Stockton so a Uette luncheon would totally be easy and feasible in the future ;)
    Arh Sat!
    how sweet of you.. ^^
    We are fine, and soon you will be fearful again :p
    I hope that we soon are finishing the apartment so we have time to be on fulltime.
    But thanks for the kind words.. I miss you 2
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