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  • first off i pasted the rules on as i posted them, i just have them in purple so people actually read them after being blind sided with how awesome they are. second of all....YOU ARE NOT MY SUPERVISOR!!!! ;) there is no rule that you cant start a new one with me...you just cant tag back on mine. <3
    you are more awesome than when you are down to 24 health and everyone else in the party has died, and you still manage a crit big enough to beat the big ass boss you are now in the *more awesome than*...game. the rule is...its like tag...no tag backsies....you must post on someone elses wall...because it is more awesome when more people are involved
    Can I pretend I didn't have a good one and we get the party Van going anyway?! :D (but thanks, no I did have a good birthday! :) )
    a year and a half later...

    /18 months

    Thanks Havokist! Been mostly away from gaming groups for the last year and a half or so (maybe more like a year, but I'd possibly missed your earlier message), so anyways, thanks mate, and (while I don't know it) happy birthday(s) for those I've missed since your message.

    Planning on chatting it up here for a while at least now though, see you in forum!

    every page i visit there is a post from you, at some point, wishing them a happy birthday...how the fuck do you keep up on them all?
    Thanks Havok for the bday wishes! Im sorry im only seeing it now. I hope you are well!
    Thanks Havocat, was a good B-Day for me and the girls are doing quite well. Hope to catch you in game again soon when life "slows" down for me :)
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