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  • my friend cannot get past the robot thing -- has not been able to get into forum in about a year -- his forum name is Abdi or Labayu -- can you reset his password for him?
    Hey I won a FC giveaway for me and one tagged buddy, I'd tagged you, if you will hop on the Marvel Heroes forums and let @samuronx know which FC you want.
    you are more awesome than if we come to find out that Jar Jar Binks is actually a Sith lord and we get to watch him blow up in some epic fight for light jedi explosion you are now in the *more awesome than* the rule is...its like tag must post on someone elses wall...because it is more awesome when more people are involved
    Missed your birthday yesterday; thankfully a visitor message reminded me. Happy birthday! Have a great one. :p
    Once in a great while I scroll down far enough to see whose birthday the forums say it is. Today I have done so and I learned it is, in fact, your birthday. Congratulations on your most recent lap around the sun. Celebrate safely.
    Yo, I'm back from STLV. I got a couple of STO goodies. Not much, just a code to unlock a "Convention Attendee" title and a Holo Leeta Doff. I have two extra, do you want one? Figure I could include the other in the sig prize package.

    Let me know
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