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  • I have not yet tested it in endgame, although I'm getting close to 60 (level 52 currently), and have gear waiting for me when I hit 60. You might end up being spot on with the healing focus for endgame stuff, although I am unconcerned with this being an issue, as I do have another Cleric (level 60, geared, stone, wis/cha focus) who can rock the healing side - meaning that if I end up in a group that needs a healbot, I can swap over as needed. That said, I do expect to be tossing significant healing on this build too, although the hope is to make due in most group situations with seal/repurpose soul, so I will have to let you know how it plays out.
    Have you tested this in T2 dungeons and/or CN/MC? You really need to be a full time healer, not a partial DPS, unfortunately.
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