Good day one and all. I will not bore you with details about me. Actually, you wouldn't necessarily be bored, there'd just be TMI. So I will focus more on my gaming background.

Won my first game of chess after beating dear old dad at the ripe age of 6. I grew up playing Avalon Hill table top strategy board games like France 1940, Bismark, Midway, Panzer Blitz, Luftwaffe, D-Day, Blitzkrieg, Kriegspiel and Outdoor Survival ... and the old APBA Pro Football and golf games.

In 1972 I went to my first Renaissance Fair in Agoura, CA. where I was introduced to a Medieval miniatures game designed by Gary Gygax called Chainmail. Soon after Gary's Chainmail smushed with Dave Arneson's Blackmoor (like peanut butter & chocolate ... we all know how that turned out) and Dungeons & Dragons was born. Which began my transition from table top strategy gaming to table top role play gaming.

Throughout most of the 70s I spent crazy hours creating fictional worlds, equipment & encounter charts and monster libraries for D&D. Living in Waukegan, Illinois in 1977 and 1978 I stumbled upon a local hobby shop that pointed me to the Dungeon Shoppe, just across the border in Lake Geneva before it moved to Milwaukee. So I went there.

It was Gary Gygax's house (remembering the glass display case counter when you first walked in still gives me goosebumps) and I practically lived there on the weekends for almost 2 years with Gary, Dave, Julie, Rob, Jim, Brian and the gang. I have a whole library wall in my house filled with old notebooks & binders, sketches, maps and hand drawn dungeon tiles that eventually made its way into the AD&D 2nd Edition. Had no idea at the time what I was into, but it was magic.

Years later after an honorable discharge I got back into D&D, running a 2nd Edition campaign that ultimately lasted 12 years. Even released my own Campaign Masters Series 2nd Edition DMing aids (debuted at Pacificon in 1985). Which was also my first introduction to the Society for Creative Anachronism. SCA's got some crazy dogs.

During that time my dad also got me into video games. My first multiplayer game was a MUD version of Castle Wolfenstein. Eventually I tried Ultima Online (graphics ... woot!) but found it to be a bit too "territorial" for my tastes. Then came Everquest, which was kind of like D&D but it was too linear for my tastes.

My nephew got me into DAoC, but waiting with others for quest mobs to respawn got old pretty quickly. Though the open world was new and the PvP was amazing. Then came a succession of MMOs: WoW, Earth & Beyond, Guild Wars, Auto Assault, SWG, DDO, LOTRO, STO, Rift, SWTOR and Wildstar. E&B and WoW eventually moved me away from D&D and re-rooted me in the digital MMORPG frontier.

With WoW I was the 1st team OT & 2nd team MT for a progression guild named Incite (which at the time was Thorium Brotherhood's 3rd ranked guild) until the guild broke up just before Wrath was released. Loved it but it became a 2nd job. So I have become a "casual raider". Contrary to popular belief, those two terms are not mutually exclusive.

Was also a huge SWTOR fan (July 2009 start date) until the game lost its way. Now my MMO time is being split between LOTRO and WoW. Would love to get back into and focus on WildStar (the game I joined the U for). Too bad folks are no longer playing it.

I am also heavily vested in Star Citizen (Space Marshal) and really love flying with the U. SC will eventually become my primary gaming focus.

StarCraft II, CAH, Elite: Dangerous (Premium Beta backer) and iRacing are also on my radar ... I would thoroughly enjoy a Uey racing league.

So for those of you scoring at home my gaming schedule looks like this: Tuesday nights are WoW, Friday nights are iRacing and Rocket League, Saturday nights are Star Citizen and Sunday nights are LOTRO.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.



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April 26
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