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  • wassup ole bean?? Ive lost my job to a buyout and have been playing TESO..hope all is well!
    Glad you are spending time with the wife, but I miss you. So enjoy your time but get back here! :D
    Thanks for the "sweet" message, really made me feel like I was missed, and yes, I shall try and log on as soon as my stupid computer will grant me more than two minutes of internet...

    Then again, I just had over 56 hours with no sleep, painting an apartment, an I may not be old, but that took its toll, I´ve had a full day of recooperating, but my body is still saying *I hate you damnit*
    Hey Cats! it is always nice to have someone think about you! and thanks for doing so :) That means a lot to us.
    well all you know when you move things tend to get a bit stressed, and I think thing would go a lot smother without the 3 dogs.. we have had a friend over the last couple of days, just to help us and get me relaxed by playing some D & D table top ^^
    but hoplfully in no to long we will be back playing lots and lots of NW with the rest of you..
    Where is my cat!
    You are missing! Hurry back!!
    Hehe.. well how are you doing? Are they killing you?
    hey Catz ^^
    I can tell you that I will still be in the hospital for a few days. the earliest they will realise me is Monday, but that all depends on the test I am having Monday.
    But shereap has been so sweet to let me borrow his laptop so I can do something an have people to talk to ^^
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