Application Voting Rules (Officers)

1. All applicants must submit an application for approval into the community. Exceptions must be approved by the Community Leadership, as your exception can affect the community as a whole.

2. 4 Yes votes for admittance. These votes can come from any Ufficer or CLAGM.

3. 3 No votes for rejection. Same as above.

4. A minimum of 2 days before voting can begin. But don't think that means "vote at two days". Feel free to ask questions until you're really sure you want this person in. But on that note - don't leave applicants hanging. They deserve timely responses to their questions, and timely votes on their apps.

5. Use the [0/0] voting tracker in all application titles. This represents [Yes votes/No votes]. It is your responsibility to keep this updated when you vote.

6. "Initiates" may not remain in a branch longer than two weeks without an application. This rule relates to applicants, so I'm including it here. This comes directly from our membership, so it is non-negotiable. Remember: you have the option to not use Initiates at all (or have a shorter period), but the maximum is two weeks.
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