Ranks & Permissions

What follows is how forums, groups and permissions work on this site. So if you feel something isn't working right, feel free to use this post as a guideline and let us know whats wrong so we can fix it for you.

Registered User: White in color, this group is the default group for all newly registered members. Membership in this group unlocks access to post in the Visitors Wing, and read (but not post) in the Gaming Wing.

Unrepentant: Red in color, this group has full access to everything but the leadership boards. You should be able to post and create polls anywhere you can read.

Ufficers: Gold in color, the Ufficers serve as leadership in the guilds we run, vote on applications, and support the Community Leadership within Mumble, the forum, and the guilds of Unrepentant. Full forum and moderation access.

Community Officers: Green in color, CO's have access and moderation permissions in every forum of the boards.

Community Leader: Purple in color, has access to everything.
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