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  • you are more awesome than when you think you lost 40$ but you just had it in that little pocket that is meant to hold pocket watches, in your are now in the *more awesome than* the rule is...its like tag must post on someone elses wall...because it is more awesome when more people are involved
    Hey stranger, been a while... Just wanted to say hi. Hope things are good on your end :)
    Hi Maeven, just checking in to see how you weathered the ice storm and cold so far.
    Yep... just working a lot... trying to get moved into a house finally. What are you playing these days?
    Wet, cold, and covered in leaves... brrrr! Frost and ice in the mornings already, its no fun :(
    So.... About those "secluded areas" on your land... ;) How are they this time of year?
    Quick heads up from last nights discoveries (if you havent already done these). 2 vista points in Disseau plateau (hope i spelt it right). Theres one on top of a tall, unclimable tower; you have to go to the cowtapult outside the nearby settlement and it'll fling you to top of tower - easy!
    The one on the breached wall is the hardest ive come across...tricky and obscure route, lots of quick spawning bad guys along the way; you can run past them if you know the route, so recommend either watch a video of the way, or run it with someone who's done it. I still fall off the walls 50% of the time dammit...
    Have fun!
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