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  • You and/or Brizel around this weekend? It's buddy weekend and Del and I should be around lvl 14, we could try the new stuff?
    You are so 'merican - don't know what M&S is indeed! Marks and Spencers? Anyway they are in Baker Street...if we are having a pint (or two) I can get the Paddington train so can meet you near the Station, probably 5ish. You have my mobile number - 044 7721 780011
    oh, no don't worry about it.

    Hols was fine, little dull after 10 days of hot sunshine and no clouds; no weather to chat to people about! And no proper tea!
    I'm working with my gf and we have a couple of ideas. I'm thinking someplace where we can get some good TexMex would be fun. I'll try and make sure they have a vegetarian option as well :)
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