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    App: Rab Daxman - Fallout 76 (4/0)

    I'm sorry, it seems a lot of apps are going stale right now. I'm not sure if it's because people are finally getting the "go back to work" order in there respective states/countries or what. So i've been recently getting into Fallout 76. I've always been a huge fan of the Fallout series, but...
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    Hey Siggy!

    Hey Siggy!
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    Siggy!!!!!............ hi.

    Siggy!!!!!............ hi.
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    App: Shadowcat - Neverwinter (0/3)

    "We will never break up"....... WTF Buffalo Bill? That's the creepiest thing I've read since Pfloyd told us about his first kiss....
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    DEC 5th: Twas the SMITE before Christmas...

    I'll see you there FUCKERS!!!!
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    Thanks for the Chrima wishes Gunnr.. You know exactly how us backwoods type do things. Don't act...

    Thanks for the Chrima wishes Gunnr.. You know exactly how us backwoods type do things. Don't act like you don't :) You only know about the beer can and glowstick tree because you're missing yours. But if it makes you feel better I drank one of them there cans on that tree for you... of coarse...
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    Destiny App: Kainswrath (0/4/0)

    Alright peoples, we've got two votes in.. let's get those last ones. I know some officer somewhere is snooping this app. He's a great guy and making every effort to stay active in his profile and answer any questions coming his way. Ask away.. and let's get some votes in.
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    Destiny App: Kainswrath (0/4/0)

    woot... 1 vote down only a few more to go :)
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    Destiny App: Kainswrath (0/4/0)

    so the peanut butter thing goes like this... "So there I was... balls deep in peanut butter...... And I think to myself........ Why did I name my dog peanut butter?"
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    Destiny App: Kainswrath (0/4/0)

    LOL Cytarra, Kain isn't one of my actual brothers.. .so no he's not the one that refused to use the 2 RP I had to get you a mystery skin that cost 450RP... :)
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    Destiny App: Kainswrath (0/4/0)

    All the hate..... I have to take this from Gunnr and Cytarra all the time... now Kain too... damn.
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    Destiny App: Kainswrath (0/4/0)

    .... I support you, after all, Cytarra.... O.o
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    Destiny App: Kainswrath (0/4/0)

    Looking to our officers for some interaction with Kain. He's a great guy and a great fit... Let's get the ball rolling and get those needed interactions from officers and hopefully some yes votes here.
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    Destiny App: Kainswrath (0/4/0)

    BTW he used an old handle for me "Boreas".. so for those of you that where wondering "who the f* is Boreas" it's me. With that said, I've known this guy since we were teenagers. Great guy. We got into some crap together back in those days (Him, Artrekz, and myself). He's a great guy and always...
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    Neverwinter App: JLewis (1/0/3)

    I was a C-130J Loadmaster in the 41st. Silver section was our maintenance until the "great combine" of MX. I deployed with them several times to KAF. And if my memory serves me well, I think I've crossed your path a few times on the Flight Line. The name rings a bell. I'm certain we know a few...
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