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    The U's Twitch channel

    Ayy~ I've made a few pannels and a lil simple overlay for the U twitch, feel free to use it and modiy it to yer hearts content Nothing too fancy, but yea) tap-tap Aaaaand for something more fancy ya know where i'm at *wink-wink*
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    The U's Twitch channel

    huh.. i'm intersted, considering the fact that i was thinking to dive into whole streaming scene with some personal stuff after i get all the art done for it that is but for the plans i had - tis be prolly a 2 times a week with art and apex so not sure if it's gonna fit in the idea of it all
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    Octo10's (mine) art-sht-n-stuffs

    Considering the recent happening around my place and the overall road i'm starting again: But yea - i'm looking for some commissions
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    Me did mask - me likey

    well, i did, though i was kinda shutting off after 2 am, so last part of a game (with most of the shooting) was played without me got shot in the head with a shotgun though,point blank, was interesting experiance)
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    Me did mask - me likey

    aaaaand here's some of the photos with me person(blue scarf thingie) from the game itself: click
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    Me did mask - me likey

    Ayy, thanks for the good words) I also did a thing with another photo i snapped with a full costume on: here and if i get any pics from the game itself - ima post it here too)
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    Me did mask - me likey

    So a friend of mine pulled me into an airsoft game that'll be going down next weekends, it's a roleplay stuff built around "The Purge", but aint a point.. Main thing here is that i had some EVA foam leftover from my last build(cyberarms n sht) and i'm gonna need a mask for the game (and yes...
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    Octo10's (mine) art-sht-n-stuffs

    Welp, might aswell ressurect this thread for a bit.. In short - i found myself in a bit of a pickle and i need some help with comissions, since the pickle needs some money to solve. And it's time sensitive, so yea.. I'm up for art commissions all around
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    What Floats Your Musical Boat Right Now? (nsfw)

    I'm just gonna leave it here..
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    Happy New Year!

    A Happy New Year it is gonna be, with ya'll fuqers around)
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    Octo10's (mine) art-sht-n-stuffs

    So i guess a bit of venting ensues here: Aaaand i've ended up making quite alot of illustrations for the only stable enough place - Tanks Encyclopedia. I was thinking that it'll be more as a side job, than anything else, but turned out that with my "work time schedule" it's a nice thing to work...
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    Merry Christmas Ueys!!!!

    Well i guess Merry Christmas all? Egh? Around here we only celebrate new year, so idunno what all the fuss's about..
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    New addition to Tef's special little family

    That is a one fancy ass guitar i have like 0 knowledge in that, but it looks damn expensive,lol
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    Tell a sentence you can say both during Thanksgiving Dinner and sex...

    i have two: -Well that's more than i expected.. -Hope you don't choke on that meat over there.
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    Fallout 4 nukes Pornhub

    lmao, the success of the game can be seen here
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