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    App: Rynosh - Neverwinter (0/0)

    Hey Rynosh, welcome to the application process. I'm a former Neverwinter player, but as I was online when you submitted your app I thought I'd say hello. Someone will be along shortly to post info on the app process. I was a big fan of X-Wing back in the day, have you checked out Squadrons? I...
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    App: Zero - Neverwinter (0/3)

    Zero, Hey thanks for applying! That's cool about you sitting with Hulk and Macho Man. I wonder, did you have 1st class seats, or did they....actually fly coach? I go to the New Orleans Jazz Fest most every year, and there have been times when I've sat with musicians who are going to be playing...
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    App: Druidcraft28 - Neverwinter, GW2 (if I remember how to play it), Overwatch (0/3)

    Hey druidcraft, hows things? I chuckled at your story about getting hammered on the metal cruise. It happens to the best of us. As for best gaming memory, well I'm a little older, so while their are plenty, most of them were from a long time ago. So here's a few: when I was in middle school I...
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    App: Rigz - Neverwinter (0/3)

    Well there are a lot of guitar players here, so what kind of axes do you play? I've never done anything...quite like what you did at a gig...but once I was playing a show where they had candles all around the stage. I wasn't paying close enough attention and I caught the headstock of my Strat...
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    What Floats Your Musical Boat Right Now? (nsfw)

    I haven't been keeping up with the thread, but I see some Beatles stuff above, though I would share some Beatles covers. Hope you enjoy! First up is "Something" by Booker T and the MG's. A fun fact here is that Steve Cropper knew of the Beatles (who didn't then?) but didn't know any songs. He...
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    What Floats Your Musical Boat Right Now? (nsfw)

    One of my favorite concert VHS tapes (yes you read that right). I love the version of A Quick One While He's Away by the Who. Love how Townshend goes for the windmill after the first verse but ends up hitting a drum mic instead. He makes up for it though! The Dirty Mac set is pretty epic, until...
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    "New" temporary addition to the family (real purdy guitar pix inside!)

    That is a nice looking gitbox. I'm sure you'll enjoy having a left-hand version. Question: what is the metal piece at the top of the headstock above the logo? Something to due with the truss rod?
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    What Floats Your Musical Boat Right Now? (nsfw)

    I (normally) go to the New Orleans Jazz Fest every year. This year all I have is "Jazzfesting In Place" from, playing recordings from previous years. Here are the "cubes", as they call them, which shows who is playing when. Times are in CST, and they are a little off schedule already...
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    What Floats Your Musical Boat Right Now? (nsfw)

    I first heard of Robin Trower and started listening to his music back in the 90s. Only *just* discovering he's not the vocalist.
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    RIP Sir Stirling Moss

    Was talking to my dad about it today. As he put it - Mercedes could never build a car good enough for Sterling to win with. From what I understand the guy was a true gentleman. I love those 50's whale shark-looking racers.
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    What Floats Your Musical Boat Right Now? (nsfw)

    Never been a huge ska fan, but used to catch these guys anytime I could when I was at MU. In other news, dating at 45 fucking sucks. (I suggest starting at the :20 second mark. I have never understood what the guitar player was thinking with his fake-drunk/trying to be funny "It happens..."...
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    App: StickNick - Neverwinter (0/0) WITHDRAWN

    In order to properly understand why you dove for the starburst, we're going to need to know what color/flavor it was. Cause if you're diving for the orange one... :o
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    Click on the forums > prompt to install sketchy browser plugin

    Its happening to me now. Clicking any link from "" seems to make it happen, but not 100% of the time. Perhaps the original hammer was insufficient. :)
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    App: BluWater - NWO, and possibly SW:TOR (4/0)

    Click "Settings" instead of "My Profile". You'll then see "Edit Avatar" on the left.
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    What Floats Your Musical Boat Right Now? (nsfw)

    Thats a good version GK. Boz still kicking it! I wish the organ solo was a little louder. However, being a huge Allman Brothers fan, I've always liked this version with a pre-Brothers Duane Allman. He's not quite as good on this recording as he would eventually be, but you can hear the...
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