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    App: Califf D`Troit - ESO, maybe going back to Neverwinter (0/0)

    and you jerks rejected him anyways. Long live D'troit 2.0 if you need a name situated let us know in the member request forum
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    VoIP app widgets ROCK!

    yes thank you
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    App: SirDynamite - Neverwinter (0/3)

    an admin eh? don't see any of those round these parts. In all seriousness, we try to encourage our members to resolve their own issues together privately, mostly cause I'm lazy, and cause I'm a hammer and everything looks like nail, but mostly I'm lazy...
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    App: ironylive - WOW & SWTOR mostly (4/0)

    wait, is evi's status as horde in jeopardy if we vote him in? I'm asking for a friend.
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    App: SirDynamite - Neverwinter (0/3)

    and yet you did not mention generals or zero hour? so have you ever had someone purposefully scream into their headset while you were on voice coms? if so how did that resolve itself?
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    App: Zarax - Neverwinter (4/0)

    cool, let us know your ign and i'll get you an invite once you are red
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    App: ironylive - WOW & SWTOR mostly (4/0)

    glad you got your friend to apply saffy. what other mmo's or multi player games do you enjoy?
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    App: Alek, previously Walzeran - Neverwinter to begin with, more later? (0/0)

    so long and thanks for all the fish, see ya space cowboy
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    App: IrishInsanity - Give me options and I'll play. (0/3)

    I thought the avatar subtly reminded us of the inherit violence in the system which requires one to work 130 hours in a month without time to play neverwinter with your mates.
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    App: AmazingRedhead - ARK-but play plenty others (0/3)

    question, what other games do you play that we might join you on besides ark?
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    App: Lox - Neverwinter (0/3)

    also invite him to hop on mumble every once in a while when he comes back so the rest of us can get to know him :D
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    App: Mobinator - Neverwinter (0/3)

    sucks, come back
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    App: Zarax - Neverwinter (4/0)

    take your time, guild is pretty inactive during the content drout, but we are upgrading the guild hall late tomorrow night.
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    App: Zarax - Neverwinter (4/0)

    diablo, guild wars, team fortress, counter strike... mostly anything I can play with my kids.
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    App: Zarax - Neverwinter (4/0)

    never got the chance to play final fantasy tactics. did you ever play anything from The Ogre Battle series, the grandaddy i most associate with "tactics" games. Also sounds like you are getting along well with your game mates, are there any other games that our community plays that you are...
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