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    Avengers Infinity War - no spoilers!

    Holy shit... That is all.
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    Whats the most hours you have played on a game ?

    I have no idea for sure, but way back before Steam I've lost entire weeks back on MSN Zone in Asheron's Call, Total Annihilation, and before that Duke 3d and Doom... Thousands of hours probably in the cases of AC & TA.
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    App: Baelrah - WoW, Diable III, along with a few others. (4/0)

    Can attest that Bael's a pretty quiet dude, but everything he does say is about helping out or joining the ongoing chat. Easygoing, helpful and chill. My favorite kinda peeps. I honestly forgot that he was an applicant till Rich said something - I thought he was a Uey!
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    Ready Player One

    Spielberg is pretty much the only person I'd trust with the movie... still don't know how they'll pull it off. I know that it's gonna be missing a LOT, unless it's like a 3 hour movie, and even then... I have, however, been actively avoiding all trailers, teasers, and spoilers. I find I enjoy...
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    New game for us here, Corrupt a wish!

    Granted! It's 3 Mile Island. I wish I could eat whatever I want and stay in perfect fitness for my whole entire life without having to work out.
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    *pokes with stick* Cards? :D

    *pokes with stick* Cards? :D
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    Reflecting on 9 years of Ueyness

    You and I both found the Uey at the right time, slayer. I had to go and look to see that we both got sucked up into this gaggle of goober goofballs 6 years ago in December. For me it was a few months after moving back into my pop's from my ex fiance's. Low point of life, sleeping on a cot with...
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    ¬_¬ You love my turkey butt, ya goober =P

    ¬_¬ You love my turkey butt, ya goober =P
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    iTunes book anti-trust settlement

    Haha, yup! Got $11 orso myself. I think you only got money back based on the number of books you bought that had their prices artificially inflated by Apple & the publishers. $9.99 was Amazon's set max price for most e-books, so if you didn't buy anything more expensive than that then you...
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    Word Association.

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    Word Association.

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    So I decided to try one of Burger King's new hot dogs...

    I recently uncovered a place called Have-A-Burger which makes some BANGIN jumbo size hotdogs... That? That looks like what the digestive system does to most regular hotdogs... :rainbowpuke48:
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    tri words

    Bingo! In the movies Mary Poppins and Juno, the titular characters were both told to "Go fly a kite!" And Franklin... Benjamin Franklin... well, yeah. Someone probably told him that at some point or other :p
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