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Thread: App: Pinpoint - Neverwinter (2/0)

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    I did not pick up the rerelease of Halo, I still play the older ones on console, more nostalgic that way. I spent a lot of nights staying up super late to beat them on legendary with Zitesh. I am just waiting for Halo Infinite to come out, I think last I heard was the holidays of this year but we will see. The only shooter I play still is Overwatch, I don't care for CoD, or Battlefield anyone, it just feels like the same stuff every year. Though you could say the same about Halo, though I tend to chase the Halo story more than anything else. I tried the remake of Modern Warfare's battle royale, didn't really care for it. Unfortunately the last couple of games I tried to get into were "flops", like Anthem. Still enjoyed that game but only until the story was over and it was not that long.

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    Hi there.

    Not really a meatloaf guy, by which I mean not at all, its not as much of a thing over there as it seems to be over there. So what was special about your restaurant's meatloaf and why should i try it?

    During lock down we have reinstituted lockdown film nights with the wife and kids; wife likes crime drama, son 17 and daughter 15. We take turns to pick films - last one i picked was Joker (its a 15 here). It will be my choice again in 10 days or so, what shall i pick? I was thinkign Pan's Labyrinth...I obviously love fantasy films but also feel an obligation to pick something older and to improve their film knowledge...
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    If I am being truly honest, there's nothing special about the meatloaf that my job make. Just the meal itself is a very familiar and comforting food to a lot of people, including myself. It comes with mashed potatoes,vegetables, and gravy, so its basically a tv meatloaf dinner. Thankfully we don't use a microwave to heat it up......usually.

    I have never heard of Pan's Labyrinth until now. As for older movies, I never watched all that many, something my parents lament to this day. I think the oldest movie I watched and enjoyed was Monty Python
    and the Holy Grail, and I loved all the humor in that movie. LotR is another set of movies that I like, including the Hobbit trilogy, and Benedict Cumberbatch made a great and realistic Smaug for mocap.

    I was also surprised that I like Fantastic Beast, since I was never really into the Harry Potter world, but I did enjoy this one. I lean a lot into comedic movies, I do enjoy them quite a bit, one of my favorites is still Pirates of the Caribbean.

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    Best scene/scenes from MPatHG?

    hard to beat the Black Knight and Tim the Enchanter

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    We've a small group that does the left4dead-like games as well. Vermintide 2, Killing Floor 2, Deathwing... oh yeah, and Left 4 Dead.

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    I mean the the Holy Hand Grenade is..well..holy, and glorious. The killer bunny is great and you really have to know what your favorite color is, and the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow, both African and European, if you want to be a king and find the holy grail.

    I have only played a handful of missions from the left for dead series, I wasn't into zombies all that much in my early gaming career. Then for awhile I wasn't playing older games because I didn't think they were good but now as I haven't been enjoying the latest triple A games, I've been playing some older ones or smaller games that don't come out every year. MageQuit is one of those smaller games that I really liked and found at PAX-East.

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    so what is MageQuit, in your words?

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    pinpoint hasn't been on for a few days, but seemed like a good sort I'm going to drop a yes vote and hopefully this will get the ball rolling again if they come back, seems like they are our sort of gamer though.
    I don't really blog any more but you can follow my painting on instagram...

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    Still with us, Pinpoint?

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    I'm going to add another yes in here.

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