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Thread: App: Amarak - Ark, Conan Exiles, The Forest, other stuffs (0/0)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amarak View Post
    It also describes a dozen other survival games Including Ark and Conan Exiles
    you ever get Ark set up and stuff?
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    Yes, me and Talwicca are playing on the ARKtima server Ragnarok map. I am guessing that's one of the servers we're supposed to be playing on

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    I always thought the old man was just inside the cave mouth, so both in and that survival book needs a section on speleologism, it's a cave!

    Otherwise good app and I see Havokist has been super helpful apart from actually telling you how the application process works...

    I'm going to assume you have looked at a couple of accepted applications and have read the standard spiel about yes and no votes.
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    Yeah pretty much
    Just trying to find some Ueys to play Ark with!

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