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What are some games you plan on playing with us?
Currently giving Neverwinter a go.

What is the character or account name you’re joining that game with?

Do you have friends or family in the Unrepentant community? If so what is their forum name?

So... let's talk! What follows are a bunch of questions that give us a sense of your personality, and give us something to talk about. If your answers are boring or short, we’ll assume you’re boring (and probably short).

Tell us the story of one of the dumbest, funniest or most embarrassing things you've done as an adult.
Alright, sooo first off, public sex is bad, mkay. Having said that, I once had sex on an elementary school playground while extremely intoxicated. There was this red tunnel on the far side of this playground. Soo, y'know, drunk brain thinks this is an excellent place to bang. I'm extremely not proud of this. And I feel for any child that went into that tunnel the day after.

What's the coolest job you've ever had? What's the worst? (And why?)
So I'm boring as fuck on this front, had two jobs so far in my life. Worked at Burger King, which was my favorite, as my best friend worked there and our boss was the fucking coolest. I loved it, but their was no way to advance and the pay was minimum wage. So I dropped that one, and literally went across the street to Bojangles. Got an immediate bump in pay and actually have a chance to advance a bit. Not great but hey, when you're dumb and dropped out of college, what can ya do ?

Name three video games you'll replay no matter how old they get. (And why?)
Dragon Age: Origins, Silent Hill 1, and Silent Hill 2.

Dragon Age to me is the pinnacle of old school Bioware, and I don't think we'll ever get another game like it again, it's a perfect CRPG in my opinion. Love it to death.

I was introduced to the Silent Hill series at an extremely young age, watching my dad play the first game when I was like....4 ? I only have vague memories of it but it's something that stuck with me and when I finally grew a big enough pair of balls I played it myself.

To me, the Silent Hill series brings it's own unique brand of horror that can't be found anywhere else, it's not terror, it's dread, it's anxiety. It's a real feeling that sticks with you rather than the instant rush of a jump scare. And as far as I'm concerned, Silent Hill 2 is the finest stories ever told in gaming, fight me.

Tell us about the most annoying person you've ever met, and why he/she annoyed you.
So I worked with this motherfucker named Sage at Burger King, Sage had a terrible lisp, which he claimed was an Irish accent, and he also never, ever shut the fuck up. EVER. The second day I knew this idiot, his fiance came into the store to see him, his fiance is black. And while introducing me to her he said, and I fucking quote. "Yeah, since I'm marrying a black girl, I'm basically half-black." His girlfriend looked fucking. Mortified. And she just kinda quietly said bye and walked out. This is the type of guy he was, he sorta meant well, but he was just....dumb, and ignorant of social norms.

Tell us something cool about yourself that has nothing to do with gaming. (Free hint: responding to your application thread with photo or video supporting evidence is a plus!)
Well, I like writing ? Watching anime, I'm a huge weeb, not like, the body pillow type. But I eat anime up at a voracious pace. My writing I've never gotten far with as I guess I have some self-esteem issues with it, I once wrote a low-fantasy story that I put weeks and weeks into. Over a 100k words, and one day I just...hated it, hated it sooo much. Deleted it, and I kind of regret that to this day, it's something I'm trying to work on, but yeah.

Why choose the Unrepentant Gaming Community over just a regular gaming guild?
Because I like the idea of a genuine community and not just a guild I talk to when I feel like playing, it's fun to just chill and shoot the shit.

BONUS: Ask us some questions! We're sure you've got some.
Not really, I like a little mystery, so I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and learning all the weird shit you guys are into. If I get accepted of course !

Almost done!

You enter a cave before starting an adventure. A wise old man tells you "It's dangerous to go alone. Take this." What does he hand you and why?
He hands me a massive, hulking, veiny, dildo bat. For he knows it is my weapon of choice. I shall bludgeon my foes to death with the power of this mighty weiner, adding insult to injury.

Genuinely this question just stumped me, sorry for the dumb answer.