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Thread: Ah, hell with it - I'mma be a streamer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by huntgod View Post
    I'd put up a green screen behind you, then you can populate the background with whatever you would be good if you want lots of viewers :-P
    That is an awesome suggestion. What do you think his new face is going to look like?
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    There is like a bajillion things that go in to streaming and the complexity depends on how what you are doing it for. Casual streaming for fun and shits and giggles is as simple as a camera, and audio and you are set. If you are looking to turn it into professional grade full time then boy howdy here is just a quick short list of things you have to set up and manage.

    -Good Quality Web Cam if doing IRL primary stuff OKish if doing face cam with gameplay. Not always needed
    -Good to Excellent Game capture for game play. If you aren't capturing at least solid 30 at 1080 many folks won't bother sticking around
    -Proper Audio/Video Sync due to the nature of various capture/audio set ups often times you can have video unsynced and this is bad
    -Audio Control Board or Voice Meter like software to have more direct control over audio sources. Audio balance is very important between what you may be showing and what you are saying. This is pretty easy to control when it's just a game and you but more difficult when adding in things like Discord/Mumble
    -Green Screen/lighting If you are going to use a green screen you will likely need more lighting to get it to work nicely this can be hyper annoying. Humble has a bundle right now that inclueds an xsplit software to do "green screening" with no green screen but through software. It works pretty well so it can be an alternative.

    -Chat tools such as auto-moderation/bots/song requests etc are often tools used by many streamers to help provide more chat interactions amongst the chat itself as it grows.
    -Notification tools for things such as follow/donations/subs/porn links etc... There are numerous options
    -Discord communities or outside twitch communications

    Overlay Work
    -Creating scenes for camera placement borders/overlays and placement of notification pop ups this often changes per game
    -AFK/Starting/Wrap Up scenes for those times when you may not be ready or want to not show things.

    Those are just some of the quick things on my list of minimum things I would have to reevaluate again the first time if I started streaming again from the partnered channel I have on twitch. Again thats just quick top level shit there are so many things you can go in to in each and everyone one of those and thats just the basics. If I was to do streaming again full time I would actually be doing things like setting up second pc to do the streaming off of with audio hardware hooked up to that includer microphone on boom and the works.

    Now though if I am just doing a silly random fun stream on my non-partnered channel it's launch Xsplit/OBS put up the game source check my mic/game sound levels and go. I don't even deal with the webcam much just because it's too much of a hassel sometimes and if some of my old regulars show up and want to see whats going on I might turn it on for a bit and just scale it so it really isn't in the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GamingCthulhu View Post
    All I read in there was NEEEEeeeeeeEEEeeeEEeeeeEEEEEeeeeeeerd.

    Seriously though, thanks for the bits of info. It's going to simply be a camera on me and the immediate area. I have my recording gear (DAW, interface to plug the mic/instruments/midi controller, etc) for actually recording the different parts. Just want to snazz it up a bit. Won't be playing any games while streaming, no green screen necessary. I have my mic I use for recording music, so that'll be what I use for the sound, but I need to figure out how to play something directly from my DAW to Twitch. I'll test it and see if all I need to do is play the sound and mute the mic so it doesn't pick up any sound.
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    GTFO with this bullshit, Pfloyd.
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    Yea that should be a very basic set up. I wouldn't worry about flashing things up to much for awhile and just get use to streaming and interacting first. If the DAW has a way to set it go to a specific audio output that should be easy to coordinate between it and xsplit. Simple way would be for DAW to go to computer speakers. OBS to use computer speakers as audio and then just make sure your computer speakers are off so you don't get feedback loops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pfloyd View Post
    I have my mic I use for recording music, so that'll be what I use for the sound, but I need to figure out how to play something directly from my DAW to Twitch.
    You and I did okay when we jammed together in Mumble, though latency was something we fought through. Plus, our instruments were being picked up ambiently by our headset mics which made them sound distant ... almost lost in the room's white noise. So I think playing through a DAW will fix the sound quality. Unfortunately it should also add more latency. Especially when using effects or plugins.

    I believe streaming apps like Twitch feed off of your assigned sound card output. So if your DAW has the ability to mix multiple tracks (one instrument or voice per track) into a master output channel ... perfect. Configure your DAW's output to use the PC's sound card input, then use Twitch or whatever to pick off the PC sound card's output for streaming. Basically your DAW's output will be functioning like your gaming headset's mic input for purposes of the stream's audio input.

    Where it gets complicated is multiple musicians playing and singing together online. GC is right ... syncing sessions ad-hoc will be a colossal bitch. So I've been doing a little homework, and here are some systems I'm currently exploring:

    Jamkazam looks interesting.

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    Ok, I'm following you. Now dance for my amusement! Also, when you get big enough to be subscribe-able, let us know. Folks like me with a Prime account have a sub we can toss in that just sits unused most of the time (in my case).
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    Good, I needed something to do on maternity leave. Trolling your stream should be easy to do while nursing. I'll get all my alt accounts ready so that you realize blocking me will be futile
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