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Thread: App: m1cha3lo0o - Neverwinter (4/0)

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    App: m1cha3lo0o - Neverwinter (4/0)

    Membership Application
    Are you over 18? (You must be 18+ to apply.)

    What are some games you plan on playing with us?

    What is the character or account name you’re joining that game with?

    Do you have friends or family in the Unrepentant community? If so what is their forum name?

    So... let's talk! What follows are a bunch of questions that give us a sense of your personality, and give us something to talk about. If your answers are boring or short, we’ll assume you’re boring (and probably short).

    Tell us the story of one of the dumbest, funniest or most embarrassing things you've done as an adult.
    back in 95 when i was in the Navy and stationed in CA. Me and the under 21 folks would cross the border into Tijuana to go drinking since we were under age. Once time leaving i thought i was in an empty alley and had to take a leak really bad. So i went.
    Next thing i know two Mexican cops were shining flash lights at me.
    i basically had to empty my wallet to be let go on my way.

    What's the coolest job you've ever had? What's the worst? (And why?)
    Coolest job is my current one.
    I am the manufacturing manager of a large pipe processing facility.
    Have gotten the chance to get my name on a couple of the companies patents, and have been sent all the way to South Korea to audit venders.

    Name three video games you'll replay no matter how old they get. (And why?)
    Super mario kart on the SNES. ( i keep it set up )
    No one should have to explain why they love mario kart

    GTA 3 First one i really played of the series liked it better than the next ones.

    Diablo 3. i also seem to go back to it ever few seasons just to see what changed. Nothing is more awesome than smashing a couple dozen monsters like a God.

    Tell us about the most annoying person you've ever met, and why he/she annoyed you.
    The most annoying person i every met was a co-worker in the Navy.
    Every story you told him you would later here him telling it to someone else about him. Everything you every did he would say he did but make it bigger and better. You could never have a serious conversation with the guy.

    Tell us something cool about yourself that has nothing to do with gaming. (Free hint: responding to your application thread with photo or video supporting evidence is a plus!)
    My twins were raised to be awesome people. One is a viking warrior and one is a witch in real life. LOL

    But about me, i can do that thing with the knife and hand that the android did in the movie aliens.

    Why choose the Unrepentant Gaming Community over just a regular gaming guild?
    I have joined a guild on one of my characters ( i have on 70 item level 10k - 11k i think, & 6 alts that i bounce through ).
    When i log on and say hi most of the time their is no response and a lot of times there are only 1 to 4 people online. Seemed like a big guild i don't know if a lot just don't play.

    i would like to be with a guild that has a nice size of people online. It is fun to be able to chat with people. Are find people needing to run the same instance together.

    BONUS: Ask us some questions! We're sure you've got some.
    How friendly is your guild towards people who bounce between a lot of alts?

    Almost done!

    You enter a cave before starting an adventure. A wise old man tells you "It's dangerous to go alone. Take this." What does he hand you and why?
    A hamster with a steak knife duct taped to it's back.

    How else are you going to stab the bad guys in the shins?

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    Haven't been in game much. Spring break week flew my mom down and one of my kids who is doing college in Michigan right now.
    Week went by super quick!

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    today i ate pumpkin seeds and they were good!
    My daughter cooked fried Brussels sprouts and steak, they were good also!

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    Inconnel's Avatar
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    Jul 2015
    Skeeterboro, Ark

    Sorry Messr Lobo, for the delay on getting to your application.

    Work has held me hostage, of sorts.

    As for the rest of the Uey Sots, I will read them the riot act.. soon as they come in from the beach/sober uo from where-ever the heck they are.

    Some yellow hightlights ufficer will be along to read you the rules, quid pro cos amd provisos.

    In the mean time, assuming you are still about, once In game /channel_join Uey and ask for an invite.

    we will get you in on the usual applicant basis.

    As for alts,,,, good, gooood.. let the alt flow over yhou!!

    I have 13 characters myself, with only haff of them being gwf.

    Which character you like the best? Which one is just a prayer mule?

    -- getting popcorn --

    Every once in a while in the course of Engineering, you just have to hoist the Black Flag, climb over the desk, and start slitting throats !!!

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    Will jump on the channel next time i am in game.
    i think i only have 7 -8 characters.
    I played a long time ago, then stopped and then my son was down loaded and tried the game a few months ago.
    I seen a lot of changes and decided to jump back in.
    I only have one level 70 toon and that is my hunter.
    I like how the hunter plays solo content it is fun but how i need to change my character to do better and goups i don't really find that playstyle very fun.
    Right now i am leveling up a Warlock. And just jump on my hunter to knock out dailies here and there.

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    Official Dino-Bard Pfloyd's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    Jacksonville, FL
    Ah man, sorry about such an absence of the yellow-named folks. Allow me to be the first to introduce himself. Good to see that Inconnel got things started at least.'ve already been fairly active in your thread here, which is more than I can say for the folks responsible for voting on the applicants, myself included. That's usually one of the main things we look for in applicants - activity both here and in-game. Basically, you'll wanna get four YES votes to be officially in The U. Three NO votes, and that's a done deal also. Generally, stay active and don't be a Pfloyd jerk, and you should be good to go.

    Now on to the actual app. Points already scored for the following:

    1. Comrade Harold. As soon as I saw that avatar, I liked you.

    2. The Navy story. I was in from '93-'97, stationed in Sasebo, Japan on a couple of amphibs. But that sounded like a fleet returnee we had in OS A School. This fella would retell stories as well, and would also make up stories. I could say, "Yeah, my cousin drives a Ferrari" and he would tell a story about how his brother sold his two Ferraris for a Lambo and a blowjob or something. Dude was from Texas. I, in my youthful ignorance, figured everyone from Texas was like this - the whole "Everything is bigger in Texas" deal.

    3. You have both Viking and Witch offspring. I'd like to know more about that. Not so much about the brussel sprouts though. Not a big fan, although my daughter kinda digs 'em.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dealer-san View Post
    GTFO with this bullshit, Pfloyd.
    Silentgurl: Yes, I agree you are a sad dickhole of a person =p

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    I wrote a reply yesterday but then some how wiped it out.

    1.) thank you! And thank you for commenting on my post.
    2.) LOL, i moved to texas for the second time in 2000 and have been here ever since. There are some very unique individuals people here, but some good ones also. ( I was told that same guy tried to say part of the under ground railroad was on his grandparents property and you could still see the tracks. lol )
    3.) The twins remind me of Raistlin & Caramon Majere from Dragonlance. One of my twins got into lifting a lot and got a lot bigger than the other one and collects axes, shields and fur armor and the other twin dresses in all black and like campfire and creepy stuff. But they both have my smart ass mouth, it's a trip.

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    battlebovine's Avatar
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    Nov 2014
    OK. Or not OK. That is the question and the rub.
    Oi! Welcome to the weirdness declaration and acceptance/rejection phase! Also known as The Process!

    Also gonna apologize for the lack of yellows coming along and helping talk and get the ball rolling for you.

    When did you get into D3? Was it before or after the major skills/AH revamp? I remember having a stunlock wizzie with ice nova that was just fun AF to play and then they nerfed her. While it was a super cheese way to play it was good times at least.
    I was big in Japan, I was king of ping pong. Yea I was bad a tuba and I'm sure you'd like me to bounce.

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    Hi and welcome to the application process.

    In response to your app question about Neverwinter guild activity, things are slow at the moment because of the new mod coming, with all of it's massive changes. The changes are so massive that many of us probably feel it isn't worth progressing at the moment, and some of us may be over on the test server trying to figure out some of the new changes. We use the /uey channel as our guild chat, rather than /g channel. The way the default chat colors are set up, /g chat can be hard to differentiate from alliance chat, also the uey channel comes through on the test server as well as live.

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    battlebovine's Avatar
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    Nov 2014
    OK. Or not OK. That is the question and the rub.
    Heyo! Still around m1... Ya know, Imma just call you Mikey because I'm old and typing #s for names is damned hard on my arthritic fingers. So Mikey, how you doin?

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