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Thread: App: Morikano - neverwinter hopefully. (4/0)

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    oh okay i 100% cannot spell, added an unnecessary I. I was a Chef, cooked stuff.... for money. it was terribly and the hours were insane.
    As far as books, i have loads of favorites but my most read is probably the Mageborn Series by Michael G. Manning. an amazing author and a great story about the last son of an ancient line of wizards. follows his rediscovery of lost magic and magic is something ive always loved, plus its just an incredibly well written story.

    I own 2 bikes, ones a Yammaha 125 Enticer in a lovely maroon and rust palette and my other bike is a kawasaki 400cc eliminator sport in black and gold. i love both of them but cannot yet ride the bigger one as tests are expensive. as for club name, ill leave deciding badassery to you but the clubs name is The Black Shuck MCC and we like to drink together.

    Side note: im probably just as scared of the police as you are. also please excuse my horrifying excuse for spelling.

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    Morikano has definitely been active - here, Discord, in-game... no complaints about that!

    What exactly is a "Shuck", though?j

    Are you still playing tabletop D&D? Thoughts on 5e, if you have tried it?
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    The black suck is a British folk myth, demon dog that left scratches on the door of a church. That's wherebthe club gets their name.

    As far as tabletop goes yes I'm currently in 2 campaigns, much prefer 5th edition compared to 3.5 it's so much easier. I currently play a war forged arcane trickster. Do you play?

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    Yeah, I'm currently in a non-standard campaign,playing a githzerai monk, and we're about to start another, and I'm going with a pretty standard wizard in that one. We're all really big fans of 5e - it just simplifies things without seeming either unfair or overly simple. "Clean" would be a good word for it, I guess.

    Oh, and I guess I'll get the ball rolling here, with a YES vote.

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    yeah im gonna absolutely agree that 5e is a lot simpler and easier to use. i think my favorite character so far has been a Yuan-ti pureblood necromancer, he had the fun title of "party healer". i mean he let people die before healing them but he did still heal them

    also thanks

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    I've ran with Morikano a few times. I like the interaction overall. He's active in game, Alliance and Uey chat. The app looks good. I'm going to drop an unofficial YES. Keep it up, Bud!

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    thanks bud, glad yall like me. also loving the picture xD robot chicken is one of my favorite things

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    Hey Mori! As promised, dropping by your app. Also, it's cool to call you Mori, right? If not, just let me know.

    So you like to read? Ever hit The Kingkiller Chronicles by Rothfuss? What about Stormlight Chronicles by Sanderson? Those are a few of my newer favorites, but of course, I love WoT and LotR. Not sure if I've read Michael Manning's work, the name doesn't sound familiar.

    If you play Tabletops, have you ever played Pathfinder? From what I've seen you might not prefer it, as I and a bunch of friends refer to it as D&D 3.75. It's amazing, and there is a ton of support for it (Paizo releases campaigns over the course of 6 months, with a module dropping every month). It is by far my favorite, with my top 3 campaigns being Rise of the Runelords, Shattered Star, and the newest, Return of the Runelords. Quite an epic story.

    Look forward to playing with you in-game!

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    as far as reading goes those names dont ring a bell, Lotr of course is a staple. ill definitely give the Kingkiller Chronicles a look as they sound interesting, i think some of my all time favorites other than anything by michal manning are probably the black magician trilogy by trudy canavan and the Belgariad by David Eddings.

    I have a little experience with pathfinder, not a huge fan though. as far as campaigns go i normally tend to get swept up into DM custom campaigns and settings so its hard to compare it to normal dnd settings. i sure do look forward to playing more ingame, come across you a few times so far and you seem to be very nice

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    Looking good from here; have another yes vote

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