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Thread: App: OtakuSmurf - NWO, DDO, Warframe (4/0)

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    I have not yet had the pleasure of running with shyn, do to level difference. I did however talk to him in game for probably two hours or so via guild chat. seems like a chill down to earth barb. Looks like Uey material to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traumadog View Post
    He's ok with me. Someone should've told him not to play those warforged, though. They're smooth as Ken dolls down below.
    You are just jealous because my lingual skills are more cunning than yours.

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    Been running with this chap the last few days, seems keen, wants to learn more about the game, good to run with.

    Let him in asap

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    Thanks, Del.

    I have been doing my best, but I just feel like I am holding you back from completing things as fast as you would normally with Arkle. You both have been great and patient with my lack of knowledge with the current game after such a long break.

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    I have not ran with Otaku yet, but I love this application. I'm going to drop an unofficial YES​.

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    Great app. ​YES #3

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    With all the interaction, only 3 people would have a drink with me? What am I doing wrong? Not sarcastic enough in the forum? Too polite on Mumble/Discord? Three people is a pint at the pub. Let's throw a party! Drinks for everyone!!

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    haha Otak! and congrats on your 3 votes so more to go
    "Siggy-Courtesy of the One and Only, Pfloyd"

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    I'm not sure that vote is a thing any more; not many people (like me) bother to fill it in.

    However fellow Ufficers - just one more vote in the positive and I can change the Guild message of the day...
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    All right officers. Whoever DOESN'T provide vote #4 in a timely manner will get a Chef Signature(TM) Sandpaper Handjob(TM).

    You know why Arkle votes first? Sandpaper Handjob.
    You know why the US Sandpaper Industry Association has elected Chef as its Official Duke of Sandpaper(TM) for the last 7 years? Sandpaper Handjob(TM).
    You know why my one arm is way bigger than the other one? Mostly because I touch myself a lot. But the other 2% of the imbalance? That's right, my Dukedom. Sand. Paper. Hand. Job. (TM).

    New for 2019! Sandpaper Hitachi Magic Wand Massager!
    Also New for 2019! Heavy Duty Non-Burning Ointment!
    Sandpaper! America's #1 Choice In Planar Abrasives! Sponsored by the US Sandpaper Industry Association, all rights reserved.

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