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Thread: App: Neen - Neverwinter (0/3)

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    Membership Application
    Are you over 18? (You must be 18+ to apply.)

    What are some games you plan on playing with us?

    What is the character or account name you’re joining that game with?

    Do you have friends or family in the Unrepentant community? If so what is their forum name?

    So... let's talk! What follows are a bunch of questions that give us a sense of your personality, and give us something to talk about. If your answers are boring or short, we’ll assume you’re boring (and probably short).

    Tell us the story of one of the dumbest, funniest or most embarrassing things you've done as an adult.
    Went travelling with my sister (and her family) a couple of years ago. They took a year off to travel. Met them in Florida in early December and I had no idea what the next stop was. Two weeks before I met up with them, I gave her my passport info and she booked the next leg of the flight without telling me any specifics. We did Disneyworld for a week and then drove to Ft. Lauderdale for the flight. I did not know where we were going until moments before the flight.

    I would consider this one of my "funnest" travels. Did Spain, Germany, and Rome for a month of travel. Some others I mentioned this to thought it was dumb - obvious control freaks.

    What's the coolest job you've ever had? What's the worst? (And why?)
    I validate locomotive software. As a result, I spend a lot of time on locomotives. I get to travel a lot and have been on a lot of locos. I never seem to get tired of that.

    The worst job was back in high school. I worked at a manufacturing facility sweeping floors. The job was dirty, loud, and EXTREMELY BORING. I was covered in grit every night when I went home.

    Name three video games you'll replay no matter how old they get. (And why?)
    Gorf - an arcade game back in the early 80's - my first arcade game that I was really good at. I Sucked at other popular games of the time like Asteroids and PacMan. "You are a Space Cadet" - game kept on taunting you with its robotic voice. At lunch, my co-workers would "drag" me out to play quarters. I now occasionally play it on an old Vic 20.

    Adventure - a text based game I played in my University days. The point of the game was to navigate the Colossal Cave and solve puzzles. At the time, it ran on a PDP-11 that I had access to. So when I had a few minutes to spare, I would goto the computer lab and play the game. It is currently available online, and I recently had fun playing the game with my young nephew.

    WoW. Played this game for 2 years off and on. I enjoyed the ability to interact with others in the roll-playing game in a "large exciting world". But WoW also allowed you to do solo activities. I quit playing about 5 years ago because of work demands Recently, I have more free time and was looking for a "free alternative". This led me to start playing Neverwinter.

    Tell us about the most annoying person you've ever met, and why he/she annoyed you.
    Was on a curling team that had fun by playing in bonspiels. One of our players was busy one weekend, so we picked up a spare. No sooner did he get in the car, Peter started bragging about is curling skill (and other exploits). It was a long 3 hour car ride to the event, so we all suffered through 3 hours of hearing about his amazing sports feats.

    He called me Doug the entire weekend (not my name). I was hostile to him the entire weekend (I am usually low key most of the time) because he rubbed me the wrong way.

    Tell us something cool about yourself that has nothing to do with gaming. (Free hint: responding to your application thread with photo or video supporting evidence is a plus!)
    Cool??!? I am a runner. For the last 10 years, I have completed 10 half-marathons, and many 10K runs. I like travelling to new places with friends and once there, one of the activities is to run a race with them. One half-marathon I did was the Disneyworld HM. Ran the race in a record slow time. My best race was in Ottawa - in less than 2 hours.

    Why choose the Unrepentant Gaming Community over just a regular gaming guild?
    I was looking for a guild. Going through the list, the Unrepentant name stood out from the others. I took the name to mean "Unrepentant Gamers". Some would consider playing video games as wasted time. I consider it as fun, and relaxing. Not sure if that was the intent of choosing the guild name, but it gave me a first good impression of the guild.

    Once I went to the web site, I can see that Unrepentant seems quite active. Nothing I hate more is to join with a group and have them slowly wither away. It appears that Unrepentant has longevity.

    Also, saw the spreadsheet that Tyrone created of all the Mod 15 profession recipes - very useful. Again this leads me to believe that there are some dedicated gamers in this group.

    I would like to be part of that group.

    BONUS: Ask us some questions! We're sure you've got some.
    I am new to Neverwinter - about 4 weeks. I do not have specific questions about Unrepentant (for now). However, I do have a lot of questions about playing Neverwinter. I want to be involved with a group that makes gaming fun. And I believe this group will do that.

    Almost done!

    You enter a cave before starting an adventure. A wise old man tells you "It's dangerous to go alone. Take this." What does he hand you and why?
    Gaming me wants a glowing bastard sword. It is glowing, so it is a reliable source of light. And a Bastard sword can be used 1 or 2 handed (AD&D rules).

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    Hi Neen,

    Welcome to the application process, our way of seeing if we are a mutual good fit, much like a first date. If you want to join us in Neverwinter while your app is pending, you can do so by joining our in game custom chat channel, introducing yourself as a new applicant and requesting a guild invite. Any member can hook you up with that. You join our chat channel by typing /channel_join uey in the chat line. Once you get your invite, be sure to put your forum name in the member comments section of the guild roster page so we know who you are, otherwise you're likely to be kicked. We also have discord and mumble. In Neverwinter, we use discord andyou can find the link in the guild MotD. If you're interested in Mumble, someone will have to pm you the info

    As far as the application process goes, it's important to stay active here in the app thread, even if you've been active in game, as not everyone in the community plays Neverwinter. You need 4 yes votes for acceptance and only 3 no votes for rejection. The official voting will come fromthose of us with yellow, green or purple forum names. Those with red forum names cannot cast official votes, but may still stop by to comment, interact or cast unofficial votes for the voters to consider. Most rejected applications are for inactivity in the application. That said, once a member, we impose no activity requirements whatsoever.

    So you travel quite a bit? Where is the coolest place you've been? Where is the shittiest?

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    DDO Guild Leader arkle's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    Everywhere, UK
    I think your travelling story sounds cool and fun. I'd like to travel somewhere new for a month and have someone else do all the arrangements but it would have to be somewhere new.

    I did something similar on my honeymoon - one of the traditional elements of the honeymoon is for the groom to book it and pay for it separate from the bride and I wanted to anyway. I did ask my fiancee for a list of places she had been so we could explore somewhere new together. It was a long list of places she had already been!

    So anyway i booked a Rhine cruise with a transfer via Switzerland to the Italian Lakes - didn't tell her where we were going til we rocked up at the airport and then only said we were getting on the plane to Dusseldorf - not an obvious honeymooner choice. At that point I could tell I should come clean...

    Er, how did we get in to that?

    I end up with the same question as LH and look forward to the answer.
    High Muck-a-Muck, leader of the DDO Branch.

    Started with a dwarven sorc (Marrioc), now cycling through racial TRs; a ranger/rogue mechanic (Serriondal), a 2WF dwarf with axes (Hwarc); Jzz, Suhioc, Hammioc, Parsnips and xxnelliexx for special occasions.

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    NO, ​driveby

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    DDO Guild Leader arkle's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    Everywhere, UK
    Lot of effort in that opening post but been a few weeks now, have to agree with LH


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    battlebovine's Avatar
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    Nov 2014
    OK. Or not OK. That is the question and the rub.
    Yea, its been quite a while since the first blip. Sadly a no for me. I'd love to rescind if they come back though.

    I was big in Japan, I was king of ping pong. Yea I was bad a tuba and I'm sure you'd like me to bounce.

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