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Thread: Favorite Cell phone game(s)

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    Something I have't seen much of. What is your favorite cell game or games. Could even start events in some of those since a few have guilds lol. I got hooked on Shin Na Zuki as of late. I have played Ninja Girls:Reborn as well as many others. I have sadly pokemon (more for my kid though) lol.

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    I love word my biggest time waster is Pressed for Words.

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    Oh my, the Shadowedsoul, it lives!

    I try not to load any games onto Android, because it always, always ends up with me installing a Kairosoft game. I own most of them, and if I pick one up, I cannot put the damn phone back down again for days at the very least.

    For iOS, I tend to stick with idle games on my iPad Mini. Good for downtime when I don't feel like loading up a book, or a comic/manga, and whenever I'm not on Reddit. Soda Dungeon, Tap Wizard, Realm Grinder, Almost a Hero, Idle Tower Defense, Dungeon Inc, Non Stop Knight etc are all pretty fun.

    Oh, there's also Runescape. I gave it a go, but found the controls to be a pain on touch screens. Most people seem to enjoy it, though.
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    Nonstop Chuck Norris.

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    Monument valley. Sweet, very arty puzzle game based on Escher-staircase logic and movement.

    I recommend both 1 and 2. Play 1 first.

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    I tend to play Wordscapes and Magic Puzzle Quest. When I commuted on the bus it was Pokemon/Jurassic since the route passed lots of stops/dinos.

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    I play Darkness rises, Marvel Future Fight, Vikings, and Billiards City.

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