Hello fellow Ueys,

I am a relatively new DDO player having only really been playing for the past 6-9 months and I have had the pleasure of participating in events hosted by a Kin called the HIGH LORDS of MALKIER on the Sarlona servers on a few occasions.

This Tuesday I joined a Raiding event they host LEGENDARY SHROUD on mondays and tuesdays and if anyone ever wants to join here is the schedule :


and right after this I joined up with the leader of that Kin VooduSpyce who is also a prolific YOUTUBER and recently started his own Twitch channel where he is presently among other projects doing his racial past lives for VOODU and if there is room will invite anyone to join him. On Tuesday I jumped on and asked to join and WOW was I in for a treat!

The group was a lot of experienced players from the high lords and other projects Voodu has done and lil ole me and we did quite a few quests in GIANTHOLD. One of the more difficult quests CRUCIBLE was also done and on reaper 10 and VERY HARD challenge !!! What an incredible night it was and even though I peed my pants a few times, I was in good hands with Voodu and the gang and highly recommend you go and watch the great show and if your new to DDO definitely go and watch Voodu on twitch and youtube as he will break it ALL down for you in easy terms and you can tell he loves to help out newcomers whether your a raider or casual.



Enjoy everyone !