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Thread: App: FateMoirais - Neverwinter / Steam Games (4/0)

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    What is your favorite part about playing Neverwinter? Also what is your favorite game in general and why?

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    I guess my favorite part about playing Neverwinter is that there's so much you can do. As far as my favorite video game... Ocarina of time. It's my go-to. The replay value and the story is just amazing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FateMoirais View Post
    What is your favorite part about playing Neverwinter? Also what is your favorite game in general and why?
    Good solid fall back questions. For novelty however, what don't you like about NW and what game were you most disappointed by?
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    Got Fate hooked up with a Neverwinter invite the other day. Haven't had much interaction though, as I've been absorbed in Fallout 76 for the past few days.

    Fate, to answer your questions, what I like most about Neverwinter is the combat and movement mechanic, which is fairly unique to similar mmos. As far as my favorite overall game, due to my middle age, I probably have to give two answers. I love the old first person rpgs like The Bard's Tales, Pool of Radiance, Might and Magic, etc. If I had to pick a clear favorite here, I would pick Might and Magic, because it's such an open world and I was not able to beat it without some assistance from the cluebook. As far as current games, I would say The Witcher 3 with honorable mention going to Assassin's Creed 3.

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    The only thing that I find frustrating is the crafting system. I LOVE CRAFTING!!! Though i understand why they did it the way they did I don't really feel as involved with it as much as I would like. I get confused because there are 2 different levels artisan and "shop" tradeskill level and its hard to figure out what I need or want to do.

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    Good go to games Learned. I actually do a D&D campaign based off the witcher universe every sunday night! I play a cleric there as well.

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    Ran her through Vot9 and helped her do Unwelcome guests for the Vistani set. Very polite and friendly.

    She is in /uey and had asked about what to do next.

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    I'm going to drop an unofficial YES​. I've seen good things from this applicant. Keep up the good work Fate.

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    I think she seems cool I unofficially vote YES
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    Thank you all for your help getting me going I am still fairly new for the game but I love hanging with you all! if you need anything just snag me up.

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