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Thread: App: Khurzt - neverwinter WITHDRAWN (0/0)

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    On second thought, you guys can just go ahead and delete my app. Im not going to be trying to jump thru hoops for weeks waiting for some grp of people to finally decide to accept or deny me...LOL, im too old for that bullshit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khurzt View Post
    Thanks for the replies and welcomes everyone, and you're absolutely correct about life sometimes whoopin up on us from time to time battlebovine! I'm divorced with 2 kids who im raising alone pretty much, so But ill be sure to check back in here as much as possible to try to keep up and respond to everyone! arkle, the 3 games I would say I've played the most would be Everquest, played that at the original lauch of ruins of kunark all the way up to planes of power before leaving due to real life along with hearing about Anarchy Online. Played AO for about a year and a half, playing a martial artist and enforcer. But out of all the games I've played, the one I've played the most would have to be WoW. Main'd an Alliance warrior all the way up to Wotlk before meeting my ex-wife and settling down and starting a family, played a few other games here and there but nothing taking up too much of my time. Silentgurl, I play an Oathbound Paladin mainly(havent been playing very long) but researched the least complex char to pick up and get going in the game. I have to admit I find it fun and NWN is a pretty easy game to pick up where u leave off without getting very far behind. Thanks again everyone for posting!
    damn! sounds like a busy life too me lol and its no problem, I appreciate you responding back given your real life etc and thats cool on the Pally! and yay I enjoyed playing mine when I did...I game hop too much as is haha
    "Siggy-Courtesy of the One and Only, Pfloyd"

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    Ok, withdrawing the application at the applicant's request and moving to rejected.

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