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Thread: App: Khurzt - neverwinter WITHDRAWN (0/0)

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    Membership Application
    Are you over 18? (You must be 18+ to apply.)

    What are some games you plan on playing with us?

    What is the character or account name you’re joining that game with?

    Do you have friends or family in the Unrepentant community? If so what is their forum name?

    So... let's talk! What follows are a bunch of questions that give us a sense of your personality, and give us something to talk about. If your answers are boring or short, we’ll assume you’re boring (and probably short).

    Tell us the story of one of the dumbest, funniest or most embarrassing things you've done as an adult.
    i would say the dumbest thing i've ever done was pass up a opportunity to go work overseas in spain due to the pursuit of what i thought love was...i was only 26 at the time. really really wish i could get the poor decision back, lol.

    What's the coolest job you've ever had? What's the worst? (And why?)
    well i dont know about the coolest job to have, but the traveling aspect of being in the military when i was younger i always loved. got to see alot of pretty cool places. would the say the worst is the job i have now...heh, 6am-2:30pm everyday. same thing over and over and over.

    Name three video games you'll replay no matter how old they get. (And why?)
    dont really replay video games. i got back to some of the earlier mmo's i played just to pop in to see what's changed and see if i can find some of the old friends i made along the way. dont play very many console or single player pc games.

    Tell us about the most annoying person you've ever met, and why he/she annoyed you.
    my ex wife! awful annoying to hear that you are always wrong no matter if you are right or not.

    Tell us something cool about yourself that has nothing to do with gaming. (Free hint: responding to your application thread with photo or video supporting evidence is a plus!)
    proud parent of 2 great kids. a 15 year old daughter and a 10 year old son. i think its pretty cool to be considered a good parent. strive to do the best i can every day.

    Why choose the Unrepentant Gaming Community over just a regular gaming guild?
    this guild seems like its pretty active with quite a few ppl online most of the time. im pretty new to neverwinter and im looking for a fun guild i can learn whatever i cant find online in guides and videos and just find a group of ppl to have fun playing with

    BONUS: Ask us some questions! We're sure you've got some.

    Almost done!

    You enter a cave before starting an adventure. A wise old man tells you "It's dangerous to go alone. Take this." What does he hand you and why?
    the bat signal...

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    Inconnel's Avatar
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    Jul 2015
    Skeeterboro, Ark
    saw Argus in Uey chat. Was already setup with an applicaant invite.

    Started talking interviews, interrogation, and various ways of making applicants feel at home.

    Somehow that digressed into a guacamole aand food discussion.

    Argus, some official sot will be by shortly to lat down the provisoes, quid-pro-quos, and general lay of the land.

    In the meantime, lets get thee an avator/profile pic.

    That empy spot stares into my soul, well what is left of it.

    Every once in a while in the course of Engineering, you just have to hoist the Black Flag, climb over the desk, and start slitting throats !!!

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    battlebovine's Avatar
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    Nov 2014
    OK. Or not OK. That is the question and the rub.
    Hey! I'M an official sot, so without further adieu.

    Welcome to The Process, Khurtz!!!

    So here is a basic rundown of how this goes. Think of this as a first date type of thing. You need to interact with the app process quite a bit to keep us appraised of what's going on. The main reason folks get rejected is lack of interaction. Go check out the rejected/accepted apps to see what I mean. We also 100% understand real life kicking peoples arses so we give a good bit of leeway for talking to us but do let us know if somethings going on.
    4 yes votes get you IN and 3 no get you OUT but with well wishes. Yellow names (ufficers), greens (community leaders), purples (penultimate power gods aka guild leaders) can all vote. Reds are regular members and we rely on them to get a good feel for when we don't play the same games.

    You are correct in that we have a fairly regular bunch of goobers playing any number of games + a lot of miscellaneous flavor of the month type things, including a minecraft flavor or the X number of months. that tends to bounce around between a few folks who host a server and I think that mod pack is gonna change soon. It was SevTech ages which is quite the entertaining piece, let me tell you! oh ho ho ho.

    So if you have the bat signal, does that imply that you are in the DC universe and in gotham itself? Otherwise, it's not gonna do you much good i should think. Maybe if you're in a world filled with vampires that hate the light?
    I was big in Japan, I was king of ping pong. Yea I was bad a tuba and I'm sure you'd like me to bounce.

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    DDO Guild Leader arkle's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    Everywhere, UK
    Which 3 games did you play the most and enjoy the most at the time?
    High Muck-a-Muck, leader of the DDO Branch.

    Started with a dwarven sorc (Marrioc), now cycling through racial TRs; a ranger/rogue mechanic (Serriondal), a 2WF dwarf with axes (Hwarc); Jzz, Suhioc, Hammioc, Parsnips and xxnelliexx for special occasions.

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    Flack41940's Avatar
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    Dec 2015
    Just north of Way Too Cold, Canada.
    Hi, Khurtz! I've played NWO a bit, but Unrepentant is about more than just 1 game. We have quite an extensive roster of constantly cycling games, based on what's popular in the community. Any interest in trying out any other games with us once you get bored of daily grinding? Maybe Minecraft or Fallout76?

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    Silentgurl's Avatar
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    Jan 2017
    I live in Texas, but I'm adopted from Bangladesh"
    Hi Khurzt! Welcome to the App Process..I see you are joining with Neverwinter..I also have played it and enjoyed my time in it as well..I have a level 14 Pally in there, just haven't had the time to go back into it sense lol I also game hop alot as well, hahaha...What class do you play? and Why do you enjoy playing it? If you need any help please let one of us know, and we will happy to help you..Good luck with your app
    "Siggy-Courtesy of the One and Only, Pfloyd"

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    Thanks for the replies and welcomes everyone, and you're absolutely correct about life sometimes whoopin up on us from time to time battlebovine! I'm divorced with 2 kids who im raising alone pretty much, so But ill be sure to check back in here as much as possible to try to keep up and respond to everyone! arkle, the 3 games I would say I've played the most would be Everquest, played that at the original lauch of ruins of kunark all the way up to planes of power before leaving due to real life along with hearing about Anarchy Online. Played AO for about a year and a half, playing a martial artist and enforcer. But out of all the games I've played, the one I've played the most would have to be WoW. Main'd an Alliance warrior all the way up to Wotlk before meeting my ex-wife and settling down and starting a family, played a few other games here and there but nothing taking up too much of my time. Silentgurl, I play an Oathbound Paladin mainly(havent been playing very long) but researched the least complex char to pick up and get going in the game. I have to admit I find it fun and NWN is a pretty easy game to pick up where u leave off without getting very far behind. Thanks again everyone for posting!

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    My apologies Flack41940 for skipping your reply! Sure, I'd be interested in playing some other games to get to meet other members and help out wherever and whenever i can! My son has an Xbox 1, but to be absolutely honest i lost interest in consoles after the original xbox and playstation, heh. So, it would have to be a pc title due to my limited knowledge of current consoles, but I'd definitely be up for trying new games and hanging out with more guildmembers.

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    battlebovine's Avatar
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    Nov 2014
    OK. Or not OK. That is the question and the rub.
    :oke:: you still around, bub?

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    Yessir. I've been checkin in daily, replying to forum posts and playing Neverwinter. Not sure if there's a way to update my application as far as the character name, but i did a race change on my paladin from human to dragonborn, and Argus just didnt seem to fit, so my pally's name is now Skarr if anyone wants to hang out ingame or need any help with running anything.

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