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Thread: App: Aoeworth - play others? (0/0) **WITHDRAWN**

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    Your answer to 42 is incorrect. TO THE GALLOWS WITH THEE. ... ...

    Lemmings, simple game, the challenge...but the best part is the little waahoo's they give when they go through the gate.

    Just's watching them all walk off the cliff one after another and splat on the ground. Or the bombers who are just this...arrrgggghhhhh BOOM! I can empathize with that feeling >.>

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    chatted very very briefly with Aoe before the sandman put me down for the night.

    Looks good so far to me.

    Every once in a while in the course of Engineering, you just have to hoist the Black Flag, climb over the desk, and start slitting throats !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inconnel View Post
    chatted very very briefly with Aoe before the sandman put me down for the night.

    Looks good so far to me.

    Thanks for the thumbs up, the cheque is in the mail!

    Since ya'll a trying to know me a bit, ok. I started playing DnD back in the 80's. Brought the first Forgotten Realm Campaign books, so yeah...quite familiar with Neverwinter etc and read most of the RA Salvatore's and others, novels. But...onto story time.

    Here is a tale from my second year of Uni. One of many tales that occurred, but one of only a few I can actually remember. Seriously, it was a year full of drunkenness and debauchery, probably the most of my entire life...wait, no, South Korea was worse.

    Anywhoo, it really was the first year of freedom. My first year at uni was spent in a dormitory, of course there were a hell of a lot of shenanigans going on there too, but we still had a warden watching our every move and RA's (resident assistants, the dorm's equivalent of the army's newly appointed Sargents).

    So myself and a couple of mates from the dorm teamed up and entered on our first year of bachelorhood, it was a culinary delight (that's a joke son, it was a year of mad scientist experimentation with food, we discovered that no, Tabasco sauce actually doesn't go with everything) Parties, 2nd hand sofas, tv, refrigerators The one thing our home was lacking in was a dining room table and chairs. How uncouth that we had to do without such a necessity.

    So one drunken evening (probably a Fri or Sat night) one of my roomies decided enough was enough. You pick which one came up with the idea. The international policy student or the computer programming major. (P.S. the international policy student was part time in the army and had all the army get up at the house). 20min later, drunk and all dressed up in army fatigues, complete with cap guns as sidearms, we snuk off at 1am or something, tiptoeing stealthy sneaky like down the MIDDLE of the road... all the way down to the local jnr high school.

    It was at this school that the dastardly deed took place. We spied a picnic table and (I think this was actually our predetermined least for one of us). I got one end, my accomplice in crime hoisted the other end and off we trotted, ninja stealthy sneaky like down the middle of the freakin road..AGAIN.

    How we got the damn thing in the house or into the dining room I have no idea at all, the only thing I do remember is that in the morning we had breakfast on our new dining room table. Moreover the damn thing fit PERFECTLY in the room. You couldn't have had it made to order any better.

    Over the following week however, I really did actually start to feel guilty about our procurement (must have been soberness kicking in). My partner in crime, and I have to give him props for this, said to me on the following weekend evening, "ok, lets take it back".

    And so we did, this time sober, but like last time, in full army gear, HOORAA. (So repeat the procurement steps from above but only in reverse)

    God knows what the staff room conversation must have been like at that school. "@#$@#, I bet you some of those damn drunk uni students flogged our picnic table, time we have to chain these things down" one week later. "I must have been high for a week because I could've sworn that table was missing, but there it is".

    All's well that ends well I guess. And to absolve myself even further I'm happy to note that a judge made the following comment during a court case.

    "It's not stealing if you give it back"
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    Thanks for the opportunity to join you. However over the past week or so, I rarely see anyone online. Not anybodys fault, just my weird playtimes are not so conductive. So I humbly withdraw my application. Hope so see you online sometime in any case.


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    Sorry to see you go. You're application was certainly on the right track. I think things have been a bit slow recently in Neverwinter because people are waiting for the new mod to come out in November and things should pick up again after that. If you change your mind, let us know.

    Happy gaming.
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