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Thread: App: Shivia - Neverwinter (4/0)

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    I agree with Doyler and Prat. Shivia's been fitting in well, so far.
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    Have to give some feedback......... She has been pretty active, especially over this weekend and always was chatting up guild chat. Had a chance to group with her after she hit 70 to help grab some gear and she is pretty cool, laidback and appreciative of the help she got. I think she would be a good fit.
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    I just wanna take a moment and thank everyone for their kind words, i really couldnt have gotten this far on my own and if i did i would have been lost on what to do next, i really do appreciate all the help ive been getting, i hope to grow and learn more with everyone

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    [QUOTE=Meat Popsicle;976062]Heh, one is perfect.


    I concur** xD Don't be fooled by their pretty looks over there!!

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    Good feedback on this app is enough to get the first yes vote from me.

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    I love the interactions here on the app, and in game. I'm happy to drop an unofficial Yes​.

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    chiming in.

    Shivia is good ffolkes.

    well, she didn't run and hide at my social clumsiness, and even managed to carry on a chat coversation with a smelly gwf.

    Deserves points for enduring/putting up with Doyler.

    Unofficial YES from the geriatric GWF segment.

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    Although I don't agree on Shivia's pro-Alliance stance, my disinterest in WoW these days allows me to look past that. Having first gamed on an Atari back when Pitfall was the bomb and moving on from there, I can identify with her. Seems like she's getting along fantastically with the folks 'round here. Looking good. Also, if you say the name slowly, it's "Shiv ya". I don't want to catch a shiv. Here's a YES. Don't cut me, please.
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    GTFO with this bullshit, Pfloyd.
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    For The Alliance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Muahhh!! I can see this is prolly gonna be a non stop thing, but in all honestly both the Horde and the Alliance have very good stories behind them, so really Im for both sides

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    Looks a keeper; happy to throw the third yes, one more to go...

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