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Thread: App: Gunnerb52 - Neverwinter Ravenloft (4/1)

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    Gunnerb has definitely been active... I'd say hold off on the final no until we can get word to him that he needs to get back here to work on the app. (And I saw him online last night, just haven't poked my head in here for a bit, so didn't realize he had been avoiding this part...)
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    Anyone been able to reach Gunner? My NO finger is getting itchy.

    EDIT: That sounds a bit dirtier than I had intended.

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    Dropping a NOfor inactivity here in the application. Gunner has been very active in game, and was very pleasant so far, so I'm happy to rescind if he comes back here to participate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by battlebovine View Post
    n00b?!? wtf? GTFO!!!!

    Clearly I am kidding.

    So being tech support for chain like that I have a bit of insight. My wife works for a major truck stop/convenience store chain in their pricebook dept. Basically making sure certain barcodes scan right, promotions show up correctly, etc. Did you have to remote into any of their POS terminals to fix something? I'm really curious about some stories here, they have gotta be entertaining.
    Yes, we had to remote into their POS multiple times a day. If we tried to call store and they wouldn't answer we would dial in and look for what registers they were using and start rebooting them then put note in call that we did it so the call takers would see that and then pass the call to us. Sometimes we would remote into the office computer and act like we could see everything they were doing. Every McDonald's office is the exact same so we could describe it to them. They would all say can you see me waving and we would say yep. The ones that said OMG or crap we knew had been doing things they shouldn't in the office.

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    I'll rescind my no vote, just check in here once a day or so and if theres nothing new, just put a quick post "still here" or so,ething like that.

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    Sorry, I thought it was meaning activity in game. This is the first where I seen activity on the forums. Heck, in a couple I was the only one using the website and I just stopped going to them. Like it has been said I was so new that they had chat blocked for me until about level 20. It was almost irritating enough that I was going to bail because I had paid for the 6 month VIP. I assumed that would have unlocked chat like all other games. I really do think that if someone gets VIP 3 months+ that should allow them to skip the chat thing. I couldn't even chat in /UEY for a while. No /say /yell /channel. I could only do /tell and if they would have blocked that I definitely would have been gone. I think they are too restrictive and it might be turning new players away. Who wants to play a game where it is completely different than other games and there is no real guide and no way to ask experienced players?

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    I had to shrink down my avatar because it was too big but to shrink it down cut off some of the words so I got rid of them all. It used to say Gun Control? Without gun control we would miss who we aimed at. Gun control means using both hands.

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    nice avatar

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    they went to the chat restrictions to curb 3rd party sellers and it worked
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    Yeah, but after someone gets a subscription those restrictions should go away.

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