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Thread: Ready Player One - Everything and the kitchen sink...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dao Jones View Post
    We have enough white-male-nerd-wet-dream media to last forever. Gotta do better than busting a nostalgia load to keep me hooked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkstorm View Post
    never read the book so I may have to after I watch it.
    I discovered the book before learning about the movie coming out. Had I known about the movie, I definitely wouldn't have listened (yes, listened...absolutely worth it to hear Wil Wheaton read it to me!) to the audiobook. I left the theater feeling slightly unsatisfied because they completely stripped the book down to its bare essentials. My first comment after watching the movie was that I felt like they washed the plotline through a "clarifier" to make it more palatable to the general masses. There were some gamer references, but not as much as there were in the book.

    Had I not experienced the greatness that was the book, I would have loved the movie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skylatron View Post
    We have enough white-male-nerd-wet-dream media to last forever. Gotta do better than busting a nostalgia load to keep me hooked.
    TBH, I probably couldn't have sat down and actually read the book myself. I listened to Wil Wheaton read it to me while I was driving from Knoxville, TN to Orlando, FL. The in-your-face attitude with which the book opened kind of hooked me and I enjoyed the entertainment value of the witticisms in the book after that. I thought the audiobook was light and entertaining with some brief insightful existential moments.

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    I'm always a little confused when people want a 500+ page book produced faithfully in a 120 minute movie...boiling down is exactly what you have to do for a film and as mentioned by a few folks, A LOT of the material from the book just couldn't be done in the film due to licensing issues and unclear IP ownership.

    I understand a little more when you have the time to really do a book justice (A Game of Thrones for example) and then they still muff some things up or actually add content in lieu of using what is already there, but even then there are things that work and film and things that work in books.

    Folks suggesting that Ready Player One be done as a trilogy, I think there was probably a little too much material to do it as one film, without some very effective editing (which I felt they did) but I don't think there was enough material to really do 2, much less 3 films. So I'd prefer a more edited experience that is full, than a more expansive experience that fails to fill the time.

    The Marvel shows on Netflix are a perfect example of this, with that format, you should not have filler, if you have 6 episodes of material, make it 6 episodes, don't stretch it out. They do 13 episodes and consistently have 9-11 episodes of material and then you have these needless stretches of filler which grind the show to a halt in spots. This was particularly bad in Iron Fist, which as a 6 episode series might have worked better but as a 13 episode series is nearly unwatchable.

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    I loved the book and the movie. Although i didn't have Wheaton read it to me.

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    Sorry for the necro, but Ry and I just watched this movie for the first time tonight. Good GOD that was fun! We enjoyed it so much that we are getting both the 4K movie and the book! Fun from start to finish, lots of ultra-creative craziness frosted with Speilberg movie homage moments ... had great acting (and CG) with a great story. Like Hunt we we also rocked to the soundtrack.

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