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Thread: App: Dessik - SWTOR (4/0)

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    I play a few at once, not usually mmos but one mmo few fps. I'm nit big into tbe mmo sceen as of late there isn't really anything it that has grabbed my attention like they use to. Here lately its been just mainly overwatch worth and amounts of swtor. I was a big Aion player back in the day. Hobbies include mini painting here lately and some D&D game play as well as other board games. Holidays been pretty laid back my family lives to far away to go home so I spend it with friends.

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    Oh and Merry Christmas all.

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    I'm giving him my first yes vote. He has played with us in ops I think three different times and fits right right in. This is just one yes vote, you need three more.

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    What was your AFSC? I am retired AF but had nothing to do with the flight line as I was a CE troop.

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    Fancy. Did you manage to have any good assignments?

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    No not really. Korea, Iraq, and Saudi. The rest state side.

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    Swtor, what's your favorite story so far? Who've you tried? light or dark?
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    I've played them all, but I liked the sith inquistor story the best.

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    I like the feedback here, and I'm going to take Tallon's input (and Shiny's).

    Voting Yes.
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