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Thread: App: Some Shit Stain - NWN, havent seen what else ya'll play. (0/3)

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    Membership Application
    Are you over 18? (You must be 18+ to apply.)

    What are some games you plan on playing with us?
    NWN, havent seen what else ya'll play.

    What is the character or account name you’re joining that game with?
    Lazy The Cynic

    Do you have friends or family in the Unrepentant community? If so what is their forum name?
    Not sure

    So... let's talk! What follows are a bunch of questions that give us a sense of your personality, and give us something to talk about. If your answers are boring or short, we’ll assume you’re boring (and probably short).

    Tell us the story of one of the dumbest, funniest or most embarrassing things you've done as an adult.
    I was once arrested for trying to pay a bar tab with a rock.

    What's the coolest job you've ever had? What's the worst? (And why?)
    WOrking for myself as a computer tech, lotta bullshit but was nice working my own hours and not answering to anyone except the person paying me.

    Name three video games you'll replay no matter how old they get. (And why?)
    diablo 2

    Always had a huge love for blizzard games, even thogh they do some dumb shit.
    ANd minesweeper, cause ive still never beaten it.

    Tell us about the most annoying person you've ever met, and why he/she annoyed you.
    My ex-fiancee. Always needed to spend time with me every waking moment. No time to myself. Too needy, like an octopus with insecurities.

    Tell us something cool about yourself that has nothing to do with gaming. (Free hint: responding to your application thread with photo or video supporting evidence is a plus!)
    Used to train/fight kyokushin and MMA with a semi-pro record of 13-1. Last fight i lost while fighting an upper respiratory infection. shit hurt my pride pretty bad. havent trained in a year or two.

    Why choose the Unrepentant Gaming Community over just a regular gaming guild?
    Top of the lst on reddit, and i agree with the 10 commandments.

    BONUS: Ask us some questions! We're sure you've got some.
    How long has this guild been running, and how did it start?
    Any other twitch streamers in the guild?

    Almost done!

    You enter a cave before starting an adventure. A wise old man tells you "It's dangerous to go alone. Take this." What does he hand you and why?
    Vaseline, because sometimes your hand is more helpful than a woman.

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    Are you related to Poo Dolphin?
    "An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools." - Ernest Hemingway

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    Welcome to the application process,

    You can find out more info on the games we play in the FAQ section, although that list is not totally complete. We probably have at least a few players in any mmo you can think of. Our NWO branch is very active. To join us there, join our custom in game chat channel by typing /channel_join uey in the chat line, then introduce yourself as a new applicant and request a guild invite. Any full member (that's passed this application process) can hook you up with that.

    I'd like to hear a little more about that bar story...
    "My fist is getting itchy, as is my hamster." -Minsc.

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    GalactHunt, Eater of Guilds huntgod's Avatar
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    Aug 2009
    Vestavia, Alabama
    Gonna be honest, everything about this application screams "NO, this is not a good fit"...

    Might surprise me, but also betting this is gonna be a drive by.

    Barring something significant, voting HELL NO!

    "I'd rather watch a man masturbate than watch Cricket..." - HuntGod

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    I'm with Hunt on this one, No.

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    Tattersoul's Avatar
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    Jul 2011
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Seems like a complete troll app. If it is, then this will be a driveby. If not, nope.

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