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Thread: App: Ganndo - Ark, WoW, D3, Destiny 2, SWTOR, (4/0)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiny View Post
    Happy New Year!

    Ganndo has been a pleasure in the swtor channel. He’s an attentive listener and good conversationalist. He can even multi-task, which is something i envy greatly.

    What do you find is the greatest challenge of being a parent?
    Thank you! Honestly the greatest challenge for me is when she is with her biological fathers family. We live significantly far away so its usually for a month or so and my wife and I miss her greatly.
    Last edited by Ganndo; 01-06-2018 at 05:53 AM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harplager View Post
    Even though I doubt his ability to pick an NFL team, Cheese is good at picking out good Ueys. He spoke up for you, and I like the banter on this thread.

    Voting Yes.
    Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Death_Rictus View Post
    App looks good, you have some good feedback... I'll add another YES here.
    Thank you!

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    Welcome Ganndo and congrats.

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