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Thread: App: Lieber - Neverwinter, Destiny2, LoL, etc... (4/0)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Death_Rictus View Post
    So have you had a chance to get with the Neverwinter crew? If so how are you liking it?
    Yea I've been playing pretty frequently, I've taken a bit of a break because I'm moving soon, but I'll be getting back soon

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    NWO Guild Leader doyler's Avatar
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    Dec 2012
    spokane wa
    seen lieber here and there not enough to get any runs in or playtime but iam sure that is coming soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by doyler View Post
    seen lieber here and there not enough to get any runs in or playtime but iam sure that is coming soon.
    I've been playing some other games so i dont get burnt out of neverwinter I hope to see you soon and hopefully get a run in!!

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    You still around Lieber?

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    I don't see any sigh of activity here, no.

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    Death_Rictus's Avatar
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    Sep 2009
    Fort Myers, FL
    No due to inactivity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Learnedhand View Post
    You still around Lieber?
    Yea i'm still around :/ School has been picking up sorry. I'll be more active now that i've settled in. I'm not sure if I can change their mind on the no :/ also as a side note. I was active for so long and got zero yes or no's, im kinda annoyed that the one time I dont respond I immediately get 2 no's, but for the weeks and weeks I was active I got nothing!

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    I was moving into my apartment for college, that's why I was away for so long. I moved across the country so i've been trying to get used to it here. Sorry for my inactivity

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    Your app is still active so it's not rejected yet. Here's the thing, we get lots of apps and several of them just don't come back. At some point we have to just move on. We are normally willing to bring back an app from the dead if it is due to inactivity because life happens, no big deal.

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    How long I have you been playing Tennis? What do you want to be when you are done with college?

    Try to get in game with us when you get a chance, that is the best way to get the app going and done with. We really just want to validate that you are somebody that isn't going to be a dick and bring drama to the group.

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