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Thread: App: Aighnallte - Destiny 2, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 (4/0)

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    you complain about my tanking?! just because you died that ooooooooone time doesn't mean I let them get you........... There might be Eskimo clowns but i've yet to see one, I'm not sure what their collective name would be either but i'm sure it would be something interesting. I have gotten into a few puppy vans though, over the years I stopped getting asked tho . I JUST WANT TO SEE YOUR PUPPIES!!!

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    So I am having a hard time reading text right now but want to put my two cents in, I would highly recommend them as the Dazed and Confused bunch is an awesome group of people. Very welcoming and helpful. I apologize if this has been asked but when I joined the U they asked what my zombie apocolypse plan was so Im asking what is yours?? Good Luck!!!!

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    I would get with my roommate whose been preparing for the end times for a long time and then my girlfriend who's already got a whole strategy planned out. If i couldn't I would basically wait it out in my house for as long as I could. It was -1 last night here so I would most likely go out at night and kill as many zombies as I could. There are a ton of farms farther north then me so I might make it a goal to go up there and learn to live off the land. That is of course assuming I am not patient zero or otherwise infected by whatever is causing zombification. The whole population of Alaska is like 600,00 so I think it's fairly safe up here once you get out of town a bit. Summers might be a bit crazy though since it wouldn't get cold at night.

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    4,417 always wanted to go to Alaska. I lived at the very top of Maine so I can relate some. Who would win this fight...zombie moose or zombie grizzly?

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    Zombie Bear for sure, especially if it's a Kodiak brown bear zombie. They are the biggest bears in the world I believe.

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    Like the avatar - well done, if that's not patronising (I'd say it is).

    Surely all engineers from MIT end up in sitcoms? Maybe I'm confused about that.

    What do you think is the one thing most likely to cause widespread zombiefication?
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    I would say a virus type thing. In my mind I'm seeing something akin to a small meteoroid hitting earth that gets picked up by amateur scientists. The meteoroid has some crazy space zombie virus that infects them and spreads to the general populace.

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    I just made a Bard on your server Aighnallte the half-elf war something or other

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    Welcome to the process.... good to see you in mumble. Stay active and if you got questions jump back in and ask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aighnallte View Post
    That is a great question! Personally I would love to have a beer (or ten) with God/Jesus at King St. Brewery (a local brewery).
    Here's what interests me. what kind of beer would be you be sharing with God/Jesus? Considering that era, the "beer" back then would have been fermented barley "wine"... see where I'm going with this? LOL You're in Anchorage if you King St. is local to you, then I think you know the beer I'm referring to, which might seem counterintuitive to be sharing it with God/Jesus :P

    Besides that, welcome! Seems like you fit right in already, so this process might be very quick for ya
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