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Thread: App: ciel nero - neverwinter (4/1)

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    No. This app just isn't progressing.

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    GalactHunt, Eater of Guilds huntgod's Avatar
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    Aug 2009
    Vestavia, Alabama
    21,886 NO.

    "I'd rather watch a man masturbate than watch Cricket..." - HuntGod

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    Quote Originally Posted by doyler View Post
    Ciel has been a very active player and seems to be getting along well
    thanks trying to be good player specially like Helstrum <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helstrum View Post
    When I last spoke to Ciel a few days ago she mentioned she was quite sick, I hope she is feeling well and gets better soon.
    thanks dear, i need to see doctor weekly and i got little work to do so things little hard now, sorry for disappointing you and get my app rejected

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inconnel View Post
    ditto the what Hels said.

    Ciel is suffering through the Curse of Being Sick at Thanksgiving, per her words in chat earlier in the week.

    been there myself a time or two. UGH!!

    as i said before i not so good with english so honestly i dont know what you mean exactly, anyway thanks for cheering me up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Death_Rictus View Post
    Hasn't been here since 11/13. No due to inactivity. Willing to rescind if they return.
    i really got tired in last period and i know i not so good here, if i going to be out of guild so glad i met you guys you were real great people <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Devil View Post
    Will send a reminder to ciel!
    yes some poeple talked to me and said for sorry maybe i will be kicked of guild

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    Quote Originally Posted by tallon View Post
    No. This app just isn't progressing.
    anyway thanks for giving me a chance it was good times, i hope i not out of guild
    i really kould not open, and i will keep seeing doctor in future i trying to be online when i kan

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    Quote Originally Posted by huntgod View Post NO.
    thanks for giving me a chance it was good time <3

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    i was sick and stayed in hospital for like 3 or 4 days and still checking doctor at least 3 times per weak, and also got work - life not easy - i dont know if i will be kicked out of guild or not - i hope not - it was real good times specially with my dear Helstrum he is such a real great person helpful, joyful and lovable <3
    thanks alot guys for making the game great for me <33

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