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Thread: App: NcA - Destiny 2, Ark, RL, Siege (0/0)

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    Seems you've been a bit busy due to random stuff and holiday whatnot, but seeing as you've gone and made the mistake of listing Ark as one of the games you'd like to play with us, I might as well extend an invitation for you to join one of our Aberration servers, assuming you picked up the expac.

    Kuns has his server cluster going, which has a fair number of people on it and is fairly mod lite for efficiency sake, and I have a one off Aberration server that's built to be a bit more.. Lets use the word challenging. It's better than suicidal. Info for both servers are on the Ark subsection. Feel free to come get digested with one of us!

    Hope your holidays are going well!

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    So, you still around? Anybody has any in game interaction with him?

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