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Thread: App: NcA - Destiny 2, Ark, RL, Siege (0/3)

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    Fun fact! Every time I see your forum handle, I think NCA, which is an important material in my realm of expertise - lithium-ion batteries: lithium Nickel Cobalt Aluminum oxide. It's the cathode material favored for most laptops and the Tesla vehicles. It can emit copious amounts of smoke and fire, and even explode when abused.

    Tell me are you energetic, yet volatile if mistreated? Would I tape up your hands and mouth and put you in the trunk of my electrified car like a hooker who saw too much range extender battery?

    Are you having big massive fun with Unrepentant yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valec View Post
    Your first mistake was admitting you know me. When has that ever gotten anyone anywhere?
    Oh jeez, I thought we wanted people who weren't supporters of the son of darkness and all that is evil. Like you're so evil that I feel like you're probably an heir to a call center conglomerate

    Hi NCA. So Katamari was my favorite game for years and years, too. I don't think enough people in the world have the ability to appreciate the king of the cosmos and his magnificent...pants. I would absolutely LOVE some Valec dirt. You'll be my best friend if you do!
    ♪ I've got a no pants policy if you're dancing next to me- to the detriment of my parsnips ♪

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    NcA was last online 10 days ago on Steam. I'm thinking maybe something came up. Hopefully nothing serious.

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    Hey all!! Nothing serious, just caught a nasty cold, got bedridden, then had family in town for the Turkey day/festival.

    Where to start.... Roxx, well, the accent is just a proper bastardization. I'm technically a US citizen, but spent 15 years living in England, trying to get rid of my accent. Which, upon moving back to America, promptly came back. Get me drunk and it just gets all London-y and slurred though

    Chef, I honestly feel like you might be my mate who used to work on EV's in Ann Arbor If not, you've probably been drunk and/or worked on bikes with him. And yes, I'm totally volatile if mistreated, but the smoking is a reliable constant. Due to recent announcements however... If you could begin research into converting the energy from tied up hookers' struggles into a battery, we could double the range of the Tesla semi and probably get at least 25% of Tesla's current shares.... Just saying... I'm full of great ideas like that.

    Hi Gunnr! I still vividly remember coming across Katamari Damacy on a PS2 demo disc during my first year at university. Me and my mate started playing it while blazed at around 10pm. When it got to 6am, we decided in our stoned stupor that we must have the whole game, immediately. So, we headed to the store and waited for about 20 minutes for them to open. The poor employees opened the doors on a Tuesday morning to 2 stoned 20 year olds who proceed to laugh uncontrollably and B-Line it to the copy of Katamari probably never understood what just took place. From that point on, I've just come to accept the King's utter brilliance. It's just genuinely a timeless game that will never fail to make me happy! Also, I'll totally spill some dirt on Valec.... but drinks and pants-lessness must proceed such things.

    And /me waves at Havokist! Alright dude

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    Ok I'm late to the party here - what was/did he do with the duct tape?
    High Muck-a-Muck, leader of the DDO Branch.

    Started with a dwarven sorc (Marrioc), now cycling through racial TRs; a ranger/rogue mechanic (Serriondal), a 2WF dwarf with axes (Hwarc); Jzz, Suhioc, Hammioc, Parsnips and xxnelliexx for special occasions.

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    Something like that, but with some VERY large batteries.

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    Hey there! Did you get in some game time at the weekend - if you did, what were you up to?

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    Hey Arkle! Joined up with Omni & Peenu to bang out the D2 raid this weekend. Had a good laugh and managed to clear it easy . Jesquik ended up getting a dance party, but apparently Omni's not a fan of the wiggly arts, Peenu knows how to party though!

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    Was a good time for sure. Valec, Jesquik, NcA, Omni, Peenu, and I went looking for trouble in all the right places.
    love machine

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    hey NCA! was great doin the D2 raid with ya and your weirdo friends. also the dancing. top marks.

    per Valec's instructions: what's with your accent? wat do?
    Steam: Peenu | PSN: Pinchfist | Epistemology#1338 | UPlay: Pinchfist | Origin: Pinchfisty | Epic Games: Peenu

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