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Thread: App: Griffolion - Star Citizen (0/3)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Griffolion View Post
    Lol I usually play Dwarfs or Elves because I love exterminating vampires and rats. SATISFY THE GRUDGE!
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    With regard to housing prices, you have to realize that everything is relative to how much you make and how much other things cost etc etc. I wouldn't go around calling people 'fucking dumb asses' just because real estate is pricey in their area of the country.

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    This app has been around for a while now. Are you still here??? If so are you still interested? If so have you been able to meet up with anybody in game or Mumble?

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    Bothell is basically a suburb of Seattle. I bought my place in 2010 and it has tripled in value, so I agree the housing market is crazy. As far as living here we don't get any extreme weather or stuff like that and the level of passive aggressiveness is probably above the national average. I don't know, I have nothing to compare it to. What part of the world are you from?

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    This is old and inactive, time to bury it. No.

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    General lack of interest all around on this one, Gonna vote NO until Grif comes back around

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    No due to inactivity.
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