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Thread: New game for us here, Corrupt a wish!

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    Granted. You won $1
    I wish i could have telekinetic powers

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    Granted, but they only work in zero-g.
    I wish I could shake this d@mn cold.

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    Granted. Now you have the squaids. (squirrel aids)

    I wish people would stop banging squirrels.
    I would condemn the apathetic but I really don't care.
    Best sig ever, if I could make it fit.

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    Granted , people now have an insatiable lust for vomiting walruses.
    I wish for a shift that isn't in the middle of the night.

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    Granted... too bad you got the 8am-8pm shift 7 days a week.

    I wish i could find more time for gaming...

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    Granted ... you now have Leprechaun stunt doubles taking your place in real life.

    I wish I would have majored in marine archeology instead of engineering.

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    Granted. However, you found it didn't quite match your talents. Your studies never really went anywhere, you didn't get a degree and ended up working minimum wage at McDonalds.

    I wish, Christmas was a week earlier, so I had some time to relax, before having to start planing for New Years.

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