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Thread: "Connection is not secure" warning on Firefox

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    Is this any cause for concern? I assume people smarter than me would have said something, but just wanted to see. When I go to a forum post, it's no issue. But I get this if I post in one:

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    in my experience its no issue, i see alot of sites have this, im pretty sure it just means there is no hard security so basically dont give any of these sketchy guys your credit info if you have a decent firewall youll be fine
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    Chrome and Firefox have started throwing up that warning on any page with data submission that isn't delivered over HTTPS. That will be addressed in the next major update of the site, but you can generally ignore it for now.

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    It also pops up frequently if a Certificate doesn't get updated when it's supposed to, which is why they often pop up and then clear themselves.

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    I think there are, maybe, four websites out of every 35 on the net that are not ranked as insecure. That includes a number of financial services, stores, etc.

    Basically, ignore it.

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