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Thread: App: Deadeye ID - Neverwinter and eventually Star Citizen (0/3)

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    Does appear that we lost Deadeye...

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    Hi Deadeye, not sure if you've gotten a guild invite yet - /channel_join Uey and tell folks there you're an applicant. Someone will hook you up. We yellow-named folks are the "Ufficers" and are responsible for voting folks in or out - 4 yes or 3 no votes and we're good. Since there are a lot of voting folks who don't play Neverwinter, we use this forum thread conversation as a means to get to know you and such. We look for your interactions here and in the other public forums, as well as member (red named folks) feedback from Ueys with whom you play in-game.

    We might best be described as "casualcore" in terms of achievement overall - there are some high-powered folks who play, certainly, but we all strive to be classy and helpful. I point this out because of the "I HATE not progressing in games" comment; you'll usually find folks who'll help out or want similar things in groups/raids that you do, but we never prioritize progression over the health of our community.

    Anyhow, I saw this thread has been languishing without a lot of back and forth; in many cases we've voted after two weeks. Please do your best in-game to send members to this thread to hype you up and share their experiences with you. While our application process can feel like a job interview at times, it's driven by you and your input/interest and your fit for the community, since we're not a guild for a given game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadeye ID View Post
    I've only recently started playing on the PC, I've played a small amount of Rust but that's about it. Always open to any suggestions though!
    If you enjoyed Rust, you might consider checking out ARK: Survival Evolved. It goes on sale fairly often, so consider picking it (and the DLC) up the next time it does
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    No due to inactivity.
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    sorry, Jim.. it be dead..


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