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    Mumble Server

    So, here's a quick rundown of how Mumble is going to be used.

    1) All the normal community rules are in effect for Mumble. Be excellent to each other!

    2) Use your forum name as/in your Mumble name.

    3) You will note that we now have both member and guest areas. Guests are only permitted in the guest areas. Guests who stray into the member area will be banned. Applicants are not guests; they are permitted to mingle in the member area once their applications have been submitted.

    4) Guests must be chaperoned at all times. You are responsible for the behavior of any guest you chaperone. If they are doing something boot-worthy, handle it before someone else has to, or you may lose your guest privileges. Unchaperoned guests are not guests anymore, and will be booted accordingly.
    (a) The standard for booting a guest is pretty simple: in addition to any violation of Uey rules, they may also be booted at any Ufficer's discretion. We encourage Ufficers to have a hair-trigger on this when an issue is reported to them--guests are not members and do not have a right to our servers, while members do.
    (b) If a member objects to the booting of their guest, address it by posting for the Community Leadership via the Member Requests subforum. The Ufficer is not obligated to give you an explanation, although they might elect to do so. We will look into any member complaint, but bear in mind that your guest is not a member and we will err on the side of members during any conflict.

    5) Banned members are not eligible as guests. Avoid minors as guests when age is known (we realize there are cases where this is not known, but don't be obtuse if you really should know). Rejected applicants will be judged by Ufficers on a case-by-case basis, using the guidelines described in #4.

    For configuration and address information, click here.
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    Some additional information for you all:

    This is intentionally in Thirsty Troll because we want to make sure everyone can see it.

    We are looking into other chat programs, voice servers, and authentication systems to make everything simpler. They aren't ready yet, but this is, so we're starting here. We'll keep you posted.
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    Thanks for the update!
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    This seems like a healthy compromise.

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    I'm sad that "be excellent to each other" and "adult only gaming community" weren't enough to handle guests being in mumble. This is at least only minimally onerous.

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    Could someone by chance send me a private message with the Mumble info currently my power went out I have no computer access and my iPhone cannot pull up the Mumble details for the link provided through v bulletin

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