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Thread: Help a noob with comic books

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    Help a noob with comic books

    Well hello, my fine Ueys. Why don't we take a five minute break, in which I give your butt a rest from my relentless paddling/probing and you tell me about comic books? Don't worry, I will resume the butt-torture in due time. CheffyB never leaves your butt without a proper amount of loving attention.

    Unlike your butt, I haven't touched a comic book in over 20 years. Comics of all kinds were a huge part of my youth, but I haven't kept up with them since. My son is getting to the age where I would like to expose him to comics--probably kids' comics for him, and I may want to get back into it myself if any titles grab my fancy, but I have a few issues:
    • Where do I even buy comics? Back in the day, I used to get mine in the local corner drugstore, but this doesn't appear to be a thing anymore. Comic book stores in metro Detroit last about 2 weeks before they fold, and I don't have any in the immediate neighborhood. Do other brick and mortar stores carry comics?
    • What's good for kids? I don't need an exhaustive list, but a couple pointers would be appreciated.
    • What are the must-read titles for adults of all ages these days? I tend to be bigger on Sci-Fi and works with a bit of thought behind them (Watchmen, for example) than everyday superhero adventures. But hell, just tell me what you like and you may inspire me to check it out!
    • Any good websites to check out? Most comic publishing houses' websites seem to assume you know what's going on with their titles and universes and where to get their stuff, and are pretty noob-unfriendly.

    Thank you for your knowledge, and your butts. Your smooth, pliable butts.
    If you give me good advice, the paddlings will double! If you give me bad advice, the paddlings will double! Basically, if you even read this post, I will do things to your butt.

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    The best way to find a Comic that speaks to you is to go pick it up and look at it. There is so much that goes into a comic that it is hard to point to one and say "This is IT!". It's kinda like art or p0rn that way, it is hard to put into words what it is but you know it when you see it.

    I found this place online for you:

    They say they have been in business since 1966 so hopefully they will be there when you show up with the Abducto Van.
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    Did someone say comic books?

    Not sure how much help I can be on "kid" comics, how old is the boy? That will help me with a recommendation.

    As for comics every one should read.

    Walking Dead, show gets on my nerve week to week, the comic is just spectacular though. Kirkman also did one called Invincible, which is just as good as a super hero book and would be appropriate for a kid.

    Chew is another fantastic comic, off beat and fun, not sure how much a kid would enjoy it, but the main character has something akin to psychometry, but it only works on things he ingests.

    Suicide Squad, going all the way back to the 80's in different iterations, this has been a consistently good comic and the movie also looks fantastic.

    Guardians of the Galaxy, I love this comic all the way back as well, but the current run is very fun and the movie reflects it's sensibilities.

    I only have a handful of books I really keep up with now, but was a pretty avid reader as recently as 2010.

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    I've been to Vault of Midnight and enjoyed it, but it's been a few years so things may have changed.

    Chew gets an A+ from me as well.

    I liked the Goon.

    Right now I really like Pretty Deadly, Shutter, Trees, Injection, and a bunch of stuff I'm forgetting (it's bad when you have a hard time listing your subscriptions >.>)

    That said, most of those aren't superhero based. Pretty Deadly and Shutter are both kid friendly, though. Trees and Injection are both by Warren Ellis, who is my hero, so I wouldn't recommend them for kids, although I can't remember anything that makes them age-inappropriate off the top of my head.

    King can speak for himself, but it's through him that I've been reading more traditional superhero shit. I always kind of thought Marvel and DC heroes were lame, but I've been catching up on a lot of stuff I missed. I kind of dig Old Man Logan and She Hulk, but I've only been reading She Hulk illegally >.>
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    To piggy-back off of Chef's post and stalling to keep my butt safe.....

    Do most comic book publishers have digital offerings now or are they still mostly physical? I ask because I have zero room to store many comics, but I'd like to start getting into them now that my nephew has been obsessed with Batman and Superman for a couple of years and shows no signs of slowing interest in them. I really didn't get into them as a kid, but I had a few. If it turns out most publishers do have digital offerings I may use that as a good excuse to invest in a tablet in the future.

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    Marvel has apps that give you online access to comics - I'm not sure about DC (I think they have DC Nation but I haven't downloaded it). is Marvel's app selection.

    Of course, most comics are also available illegally in pdf or png format. Also, the humble bundle has occasionally sold electronic copies of a butt ton of image comics (most of what I read is actually image).

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    I'll second Hunt about the Walking Dead. I am not really into comics, but I read that one.
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    As to digital offerings, yes there are subscriptions through Marvel and DC that allow you to access a good bit of there older offerings and new titles as well.

    I strongly suggest at least a 10" tablet for viewing these, or preferably your computer monitor.

    You can also hit up some of the torrent sites and find pretty much anything out there and new comics are uploaded usually the same day they hit the shelves.

    I use CBR Reader for viewing comics on my computer and Perfect Viewer on my tablet.

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    I found a box of reprinted Tales from the Crypt, The Vault of Horror, Haunt of Fear, and other similar titles that I had in storage about a month ago. They still hold up pretty well.

    Probably not the sort of recommendation you were looking for but I like to throw curveballs.

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    Those stories are timeless and anything Bill Gaines touched through EC comics was pure gold...

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